wildlife photography

5 Strategies to Improve Wildlife Photography Skill

Photographing wildlife animals requires you to develop skills. Wildlife photography exposes you to constant movements, surprises, and racing-against-time routine. Having developed skills will help you creating rare, exciting, and memorable moments that are completely unrehearsed. Photographing the wild is an all-encompassing skill. You need to improve several aspects, not just the technical ones. Here are …

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nature photography

Basic Nature Photography Tutorials for Beginners

Photographing nature allows you to appreciate natural wonders. Nature photography skills help you capture beauty from the smallest leaf to huge, breathtaking landscape. Since nature is unpredictable, you need preparations and skills before starting. Here are basic tutorials all beginner nature photography must follow. Basic Nature Photography Techniques Beginner photographers can rely on basic techniques …

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wedding photography

10 Wedding Photography Tips for Newbies

Wedding photography has always been a great business. Whenever a wedding takes place, a professional photographer is needed to capture the moments. It is not just for documentation. These days, wedding photography needs more artistic touches. For first-timers in this business, you need wedding photography tips for newbies. There is no need to worry about …

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fim camera

5 Film Cameras You Can Buy in 2019

There are four disadvantages with the film: expensive, slow (up to the point of time-consuming), and unpredictable. With all the smartphones that can be used for the camera too, many assume that the real deal is gone. Well, it is not. There are still plenty of the best film cameras you can buy in 2019. …

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best 35mm cameras

6 Best 35mm Cameras for Vintage Shooters in 2019

Since this is the digital era, using a 35mm camera sounds old-school. However, many professional photographers believe otherwise. Although the idea is old-fashioned, this is how you start your professional photography career. There are still plenty of best 35mm cameras for vintage shooters in 2019. Why the 35mm camera? Many pros believe that it still …

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