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7 Best DSLR Camera Deals for Shopping in 2019

DSLR cameras still gain a strong foothold, despite the rising popularity of mirrorless cameras. DSLR camera deals offer great opportunities to shop without breaking the bank. Notable names like Canon and Nike have released affordable DSLR cameras for 2019, including the entry-level products.

Need recommendations to buy a DSLR camera? Here are several great options.


1. Nikon D3500

dslr camera deals


This basic DSLR camera offers quite rich features for a low price. The camera produces standard 24.2 MP images and 1080 p video resolution. The 24 MP sensor and 5 fps continuous shot speed help you create the best images with basic skills. Nikon D3500 uses a retracting kit lens, but if you are willing to pay extra USD20, get the VR-equipped lens for better control.

Nikon D3500 does not offer much, but it allows beginner photographers to get comfortable with DSLR cameras.

Price: starting from USD396.95


2. Canon EOS Rebel T7

dslr camera deals


Another beginner camera with less than USD400 price tag, Canon EOS Rebel T7 is perfect for giving beginner photographers a sense of control. The camera is fuss-free, with standard 1080 p video resolution. The image has slightly lower resolution than many entry-level cameras in this list, only 24.1 MP.

The EOS Rebel T7 only has 3 fps continuous shooting speed, and it does not have a touchscreen. However, the easy control and basic features help beginner users to get comfortable first with a new DSLR camera. The Feature Guide is also easy to understand for beginner users.

Price: starting from USD399.95


3. Canon EOS Rebel SL2

dslr camera deals


Affordable and compact, Canon Rebel SL2 is a perfect entry-level DSLR camera. The previous version was first introduced in 2013, and the next one is still a great option for beginner photographers. The camera produces 24.2 MP images, with a 3-inch touchscreen for easy adjustments. The video recorder has a 1080 p resolution.

Canon Rebel SL2 is easy to use. Its compact shape helps beginner photographers to adjust with the feel of a DSLR camera. However, this camera does not have 4K quality for the video. The battery life is relatively short; you only get 380 shots before the camera needs recharging.

Price: starting from USD449


4. Canon EOS Rebel SL3

dslr camera deals


This camera is currently known as the lightest and cheapest DSLR. Despite its beginner-level features, Canon EOS Revel SL3 offers “meaty” advantages. The image quality is just 24.1 MP, but it has 5 fps continuous shooting speed and a 4K video resolution. The 3-inch LCD screen and built-in microphone port are great additions for vlogging.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is also the cheapest DSLR that is equipped with a high-definition video and LCD touchscreen. The light, the compact body, makes it perfect for traveling or outdoor photography projects.

Price: starting from USD610.59


5. Nikon D7200

dslr camera deals


Nikon D7200 is one of those cheap DSLR cameras that still look attractive for beginners, despite its lack of several modern features. For example, this camera does not have a touchscreen, and its rear display does not offer any movements. However, it still produces 24.2 MP images, especially in outdoor scenes.  The video also offers 1080 p quality, which is adequate for a cheap camera.

Nikon D7200 is compact and easy to use. Its body is made of magnesium alloy, which can protect the camera from weather and other natural elements. The camera may not be a touchscreen, but at least it is a 3.2-inch LCD with angle flexibility.

Price: starting from USD692.52


6. Nikon D7500

dslr camera deals


Nikon D7500 is currently one of the best 2019 DSLR deals. It offers slightly more sophisticated features than entry-level products. The price tag is still under USD1,000, depending on the sellers. This Nikon DSLR is perfect for intermediate photographers, with 20.9 MP images and 4K video quality.

The camera has a 3.2-inch screen, which you can tilt to take pictures in awkward angles. The continuing shot speed is 8 fps, quite ideal for intermediate photographers. The downsides include the slow Live View feature and one SD card slot, which can be troublesome if you photograph with a lot of tools.

Price: starting from USD729


7. Canon EOS 80D

dslr camera deals


Despite being a slightly older DSLR, Canon EOS 80D is still considered one of the best cheap cameras. Ideal for beginner to intermediate users, Canon EOS 80D, offers stability and practicality in its humble features. The camera produces 24.2 MP images, with Dual Pixel technology that ensures quick switch between Live View and video. It does not have 4K video quality, but the 1080 p resolution provides decent records.

Canon EOS 80D has responsive autofocus, with a Wi-Fi connection and top-plate LCD screen ideal for vlogging. The shape is quite polished for a budget camera, with sleek handling and compact form.

Price: starting from USD767.99


Get DSLR Camera Deals, Start Your Project Now!

Professional photographers no longer monopolize DSLR cameras. Beginners can get high-quality DSLR cameras with good basic features and reputable names. These DSLR camera deals are among the most favorite for shopping plans in 2019. Put these names in your list and start shopping!

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