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10 Wedding Photography Tips for Newbies

Wedding photography has always been a great business. Whenever a wedding takes place, a professional photographer is needed to capture the moments. It is not just for documentation. These days, wedding photography needs more artistic touches. For first-timers in this business, you need wedding photography tips for newbies.

There is no need to worry about finding this job. In some cases, there are couples willing to use a newbie’s service. As part of the learning process and experience, you have to deal with getting paid low at first. Once you have got enough experiences as a wedding photographer, then you can start doing more.

To start off your professional career here, use these 10 wedding photography tips for newbies:

1. Prepare a contract

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Even if your friend or someone you know is the first client, a contract is important. This contract should include: date, price, number of hours, additional logistics like travel time and overtime, the delivery after the wedding day, the payment agreement, and other important details necessary.

This is how you are taken more seriously as a professional wedding photographer. Never take any job without a proper contract signed by both parties – you and the clients.

2. Do not miss out on ‘little details’

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The big pictures are important, but do not miss the little details either. If this is your first assignment, perhaps you can start solo. Besides following the couple, you can also capture the scene around them. The guests, the cake, close-ups on the rings, flowers, the dress – you name them.

3. An investment on a flash

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As a newbie, you probably prefer relying on natural light when shooting pictures. However, there is no harm in investing in a flash. For one of the wedding photography tips for newbies, a flash can help you when taking shots at a darker environment. For example: indoor ceremonies and receptions.

4. Request for a shot list

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Every project requires a thorough plan, especially something this important. Through discussions with the couple, request for a shot list. This will help you to capture what is important. For example: Grandma’s smile at the sight of her granddaughter getting married, kids dancing merrily, the band—anything.

5. Black attire and comfortable shoes

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You will be mostly walking (or running) through the entire wedding. You need to take as many shots as possible, especially with the list in your hand. No worries, no one will pay attention to your sneakers—as long as they are black.

It is also the same case with your attire. Black is the safest color, especially since it reflects off the white wedding dress. You are there to work, after all, not to show up to impress the guests.

6. Request for an itinerary of the event

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This is one of the wedding photography tips for newbies some may have missed. You do not just come to the wedding on the schedule and start taking pictures randomly. You also need to know the details of the whole event. This way, you will not roam around blindly just to take random pictures.

Although most weddings go as the schedule planned, this tip helps you to brainstorm for more ideas. Who knows? You might get some sudden inspirations while you are on the set.

7. Have your own snacks and drinks ready

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Many first-time wedding photographers make this mistake. They assume that when they are on the job, they get offered free foods on the table afterwards.

Of course, some clients do that out of their generosity. However, either things can get really hectic, or that is not part of the contract, be ready when they do not. Have your own snacks and drinks ready in your go-bag. Choose the most energizing morsels, since you will be working 10 hours a day – possibly almost non-stop too.

8. Have some extras ready

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No matter how well-planned everything is, anything can still happen. Prepare some backups, either plans, extra batteries, spare memory cards, and an assortment of lenses. This is why some wedding photographers always show up with more than one camera. Use your small break to back up all the photo files already taken.

The worst that all wedding photographers must avoid at all costs is to have all the photos corrupted or lost. After all, they cannot have the same wedding twice.

9. Consult with the officiant on the set

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This is usually the couple’s job to cover, if the venue has certain rules. However, just to be on the safe side, consult with the officiant there. Note down any spots that are not allowed for photographers to take shots.

10. Stay pro but relax

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Although you are there to work, you also need to socialize with the guests. In fact, friendly photographers make comfortable guests. That is also one way to get more people interested in your services.

So, here are the 10 wedding photography tips for newbies. Do all the steps right, but do not forget to have fun.

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