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5 Advanced Sony DSLR Cameras of 2019 for Photography

Sony is one of the most popular digital camera brands in the world. Known for its technological strength and innovation, this Japanese company has released several advanced DSLR cameras used for a professional or beginner. So, here is a list of the best Sony DSLR cameras in 2019.


1. Sony SLT-A99

sony dslr

This Sony DSLR camera features a 24.3 megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS with Dual AF image sensor. This sensor is also combined with the BIONZ image processor and professional film recording technology made by Sony.

Another advanced technology embedded in this Sony DSLR full-frame is its ability to capture finer detailed images and have a wider dynamic range, as well as lower noise. Further, Sony SLT-A99 can produce RAW photos with 14-bit output and shoot at speeds of up to 10fps.

As one of the best Sony DSLR full-frame cameras, this series also features a dual AF autofocus system. This technology combines a 19-point focus system with a phase detection autofocus sensor. The combination will surely make the camera able to determine focus more quickly and accurately.


2. Sony A3000

sony dslr

To compete with its competitors who released DSLM cameras (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless), Sony then launched the A3000 which targeted the amateur segment. This camera has a Sony NEX base supported by an E-mount lens and then packaged in a DSLR body. Surely, with its body design, the A3000 is more comfortable to use than other Sony DSLM cameras.

This camera is also equipped with an electronic peephole and a 3-inch LCD screen. The A3000 comes with a simple interface menu as well, which is very fitting for a beginner. Further, this camera features 15 photo effect options, such as Sweep panorama mode, smile shutter, soft skin effects, and many more.

Also, this Sony DSLR camera is outfitted with Optical Steady Shot Stabilization feature. This technology helps optimizing photo capture so that it still looks sharp and has minimal blur. What’s more, the camera has a bunch of tips on how to take photos for amateur photographers


3. Sony SLT-A77

sony dslr

It is one of the best Sony DSLR cameras that you may consider. Sony also claims that SLT-A77 is a camera with amazing continuous shooting speed. Its picture quality is amazing too, armed with an effective ultra-high pixel resolution of 24.3 MP.

Further, this camera features an “Exmor” APS HD CMOS sensor supported high sensitivity in low light conditions. This sensor also has amazing dramatic effects on every scene captured.

The camera’s continuous shooting reaches 12fps, which is backed by Sony’s revolutionary technology called Translucent Mirror. This technology will make you able to capture every dramatic moment with professional quality results.


4. Sony Alpha SLT-A65

sony dslr

Sony’s sincerity to launch the Translucent Mirror turned out to provide a new impression in the photography field. The reason is that this technology may create a high-speed camera with relatively affordable prices.

SLT-A65 comes with a sturdy camera body featured a very comfortable grip design. This type of DSLR camera is also equipped with an electronic viewfinder with OLED technology. For those of you who are not familiar with the electronic viewfinder system, use the live view mode on the LCD screen when taking photos.

Similar to the SLT A55, this series offers a 15-point AF sensor. This feature can be used to determine the focus area on the object you want to shoot. Another sophistication of this Sony DSLR camera is 24.3-megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor combined with a BIONZ processor chip.


5. Sony A230

sony dslr

A230 is a type of Sony DSLR camera sold at affordable prices. However, it has advanced features, which makes it able to produce excellent photographs. This camera is certainly suitable for those who are still learning to take photos. The resolution of this cheap rate DSLR camera is 10.2 MP with a 2.7-inch screen and weighs 425 grams.

ISO A230 ranges from 100-3200 with a shutter speed at 30-1/4000. This Sony DSLR camera also carries dual memory and Li-Ion NP-FH50 battery, which takes up to 230 images.

Another advantage of this camera is the presence of wireless features. With this feature, you may find it easier to send videos or photos from the camera directly to your computer or smartphone. Not only that, but this budget DSLR camera also has reliable features such as steady shot, optional flash, self-timer, and much more.

Further, if you buy this camera, the set will contain a 28-80 mm Minolta focal lens and other equipment, including HDMI, data cable, charger, etc.

Here are some brief reviews about Sony DSLR cameras. Sure, there are many reasons why Sony is one of the leading digital camera brands in the world. Some of them are because this Japanese company always tries to improve its camera’s autofocus ability.


For instance, the Sony A6300 mirrorless camera has 425 focus points. That means you can take the fast-moving object easily and accurately. Moreover, Sony’s camera body design is relatively sturdy and practical.

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