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3 Best Nikon Mirrorless Camera Options or Professionals

It has been 11 years since the first mirrorless camera was released, and many options were available ever since. Nikon mirrorless camera is one of the most favorite options for professional photographers. Compact and full of great features, Nikon’s best cameras offer strong competitions to the most expensive DSLRs.

Here are several recommendations to start your path as a professional photographer.


1. Nikon Z6

nikon mirrorless camera

Nikon mirrorless review sites mention the Z6 as the best starter pro camera in 2019. The camera offers 3,690k-dot viewfinder and full-frame 24.5 MP sensor. It is perfect to create high-definition images with a little tweak. Add the 4k video recording tool, and you get a perfect combo to tackle various professional projects.

Nikon Z6 has 12 fps rating for continuous shots, making it perfect for shooting outdoor scenes with moving objects. The 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen can be tilted to take pictures from awkward positions. The only downsides are the single SD card slot and low buffer.

Price: starting from USD1,731.99


2. Nikon Z7

nikon mirrorless camera

Nikon Z7 is the best mirrorless camera if you look for higher megapixels. It offers 47.5 MP sensor, resulting in clearer and more vivid images. It has the same viewfinder size with Z6. The 4k video quality and 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen give you a great tool for instant recording or vlogging.

The Z7 also has better electronic viewfinder skill than the Z6. You can better capture images from the fast-moving objects or lively scenes. The 9-fps continuous shooting rate allows you to create the best serial images. Unfortunately, the camera still only has one SD card slot, just like its predecessor.

Price: starting from USD2,364.09


3. Nikon Z7 FX

nikon mirrorless camera

Nikon Z7 FX is the newest mirrorless generation, developed from the successful Nikon Z7. The difference is the larger, more sophisticated Z mount, which supports the camera’s optical performance. It is a great Nikon camera for pro, especially if you need a continuous strong connection to share your photos. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are installed in the camera.

Nikon Z7 FX has a sleek and lightweight body, a perfect companion for a travel photographer. The electronic viewfinder works fast, but after repeated using, it may get slower. Some users had also noticed some difficulties when they were trying to focus on the subject’s eyes or face.

Price: starting from USD2,373.99


Why Choosing Nikon Mirrorless for Pro?

nikon mirrorless camera

Based on the available features, a professional Nikon camera gives you several advantages compared to other similar products. They include:

  • Sleek but ergonomic size

A common complaint about the newest professional cameras is the size. They are sleek and light, but these factors make it hard for people with large hands. The new Nikon mirrorless has a more ergonomic shape, which is more comfortable for a large hand’s grip.

  • New, quicker processor

Nikon Z6 and Z7 are the first recipients of EXPEED 6, a new processor engine that reduces visual noises. EXPEED 6 also creates sharper images, and you can access the sharpening tool in the Picture Control option.

  • The new mounting system for sophisticated lenses

Professional photographers need to switch between high-quality lenses. The Z series from Nikon uses the new Z mount, which is an improvement from the previous Z6. The Z mount has 17 percent larger diameter than the older one (around 55 mm). It is compatible with a lot of new lenses.

  • Freedom in aperture sizes

The new Nikon can create the wider aperture. This function works while keeping the image quality in high definition. This is thanks to the larger lens mount that allows Nikon to attach a lens with an aperture larger than f/1.2.

While some photographers still stick to DSLR for professional works, the new Nikon mirrorless cameras provide similar performances. The sensor comes in a full frame design, which is similar to many professional DSLR cameras.


Recommendations to Use Mirrorless Camera

nikon mirrorless camera

People used to prefer DSLR cameras over the mirrorless for professional projects. However, the development of mirrorless camera technology has changed the field. The new Nikon cameras provide more freedom in the practical use.

Mirrorless cameras are great for travel photography, especially for capturing landscape images. Their ergonomic, lightweight design allows for easier trips. They also produce sharp, high-definition images, especially with Nikon’s new lens mount and sensor. The same qualities also allow the camera to capture brilliant outdoor scenes.

Other good recommendations are fashion and object photography. Mirrorless cameras capture contrast and create sharp images, perfect for exposing every detail of the object. However, the cameras are not ideal for low-light photography, because the contrast detection ability is slower than DSLR.

Finally, while mirrorless cameras now have a better ability to capture fast movements, most pro photographers still prefer DSLRs. You can use mirrorless cameras to capture movements of regular activities (such as a picnic or party), but the current technology may not be suitable for sports photography.



The new series of Nikon mirrorless camera comes with upgraded technology and features. They produce great images and videos, which can compete with DSLR cameras. Consider adding a mirrorless camera to your inventory so that you can get more diverse options in professional photography.

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