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5 Film Cameras You Can Buy in 2019

There are four disadvantages with the film: expensive, slow (up to the point of time-consuming), and unpredictable. With all the smartphones that can be used for the camera too, many assume that the real deal is gone. Well, it is not. There are still plenty of the best film cameras you can buy in 2019.

In fact, professional filmmakers—and even some vloggers—prefer real film cameras instead of their phones. No worries, not all of them are expensive. If you do your research right, you will get the best film cameras you can buy in 2019. No sweat, here are some of them:

1. Canon AE-1

film camera

There are two things that describe this film camera best: affordable sophistication and automation to the masses. Canon AE-1 was first released in 1976. All beginners and photography enthusiasts can operate this easily. The electronic shutter control will help you to get the best vintage shots.

The plastic construction may be a bit troublesome. Since Canon AE-1 is an old-fashioned film camera, it also needs an old-school battery. This is very different from the modern-day cameras, where they can be charged electrically.

You can have the secondhand Canon AE-1 for $164 when you purchase it online.

2. Leica M6

film camera

This camera is no longer produced. The last batch was from 20 years ago. However, Leica M6 is still a brisk seller these days. This is why Leica M6 is also one of the best film cameras you can buy in 2019. The solid frame and the meticulous design make this camera last.

Leica M6 is also retro-looking, which is why collectors are still after this brand. As one of the old-fashioned film cameras, the film supply is pretty scarce. You might have to pay quite a lot for that. If you know your way around the community of this 35mm camera fans, you may get some good deals.

If you buy this online, you need almost $5000. If you have a renovation project or anything vintage-related, this 35mm is perfect for you.

3. Olympus Trip 35

film camera

This is one of the film cameras you can buy in 2019, due to its basic features. Olympus Trip 35 was first released in 1967. Because of its basic features, this camera is a favorite to beginners. With Olympus Trip 35, you can just point and shoot like all casual shooters do.

The viewfinder is super clear. Other two things that are good about this camera are no batteries needed and its cheap price. If you purchase Olympus Trip 35 online, you need between $24 to $60, depending on the offer. Of course, they are all used cameras.

Unfortunately, Olympus Trip 35 does not give you enough exposure control. You have no choice but to rely heavily on the color negative’s exposure latitude, alias the printing film to tackle the exposure errors.

4. Minolta X-700

film camera

Compared to Pentax series, Minolta has developed over time. It has pre-programmed, auto-exposure controls. With these features, you do not have to worry about setting the aperture shutter speed to suit the lighting condition in the environment. The LED viewfinder readings help you to know the current parameter.

If you worry about getting blurred pictures, Minolta X-700 offers you a feature for that. This feature alerts you if you might get blurry photos. This is also the reason many users are beginners and casual users. They usually only want to use the camera without worrying about the manual technique.

As one of the film cameras you can buy in 2019, Minolta X-700 has got a pretty decent price online. You only need $148.80. This camera can also bridge the gap between the old-school type with the modern, digital kind.

5. Yashica Mat 124G

film camera

What makes this film camera unique is its twin-lens reflex. With a 120-film format (medium), you also get a beautiful ground glass viewing. Just flip up the lid. It springs open into something like a lightbox. This is also a pre-digital film camera, so pay attention to the square image combination and waist level viewing.

Yashica Mat 124G has got a simple, reliable design. It shoots 12 frames on the medium format. The field effect is shallow—something modern cameras cannot offer. The unique ‘vertical’ design is what you can do with the twin-lens reflex.

To purchase this online, you can find one that costs between $78 to $360. Between that, you can choose the one that fits your budget the most. The only disadvantage of Yashica Mat 124G is the reversed viewfinder image.

Actually, whatever film camera that you use can still offer something magical. Like these ones, cameras transform what you see, then produce in your mind, into a tangible product.

There are many film cameras you can buy in 2019. However, do not forget that the cheap price is not the only consideration. Neither is the best model. Do not forget to check out the features, whether you really need them or not.

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