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5 Best Professional Cameras in 2019

What is your idea of the best camera for professional this year? Full-framed DLSRs and medium format cameras may have ruled once upon a time. In the world of photography, this year is different. More mirrorless cameras are sought after, but what are the best professional cameras in 2019?

The answer can be tricky. Every professional photographer has their own preferences. Whether you are into traditional ones or modern type, here are the five (5) best professional cameras in 2019:

1. Nikon D850

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For starters, its light and bright viewfinder help you to get the maximum details of your shots. You can even print them out as big as you like. The surface is weather-sealed, with its magnesium body. There are plenty of interesting features that can support your professional photography career.

The sensor is whooping with 45.7 MP, and Nikon D850 has got a sophisticated AF system. With a 4K video resolution, you get to record live short videos. There are two slot cards provided for this camera, which are SDHC/SDXC card and XQD-formatted card.

The only shortcoming of this camera is its hefty price. To purchase Nikon D850 online, you need between $2,800 – $3,100. This camera is also rather heavy, which is 1005 gr. If you prefer this camera, be patient with the live-view AF speed, since it is not as fast as its rivals.

2. Sony A7R III

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This is basically the mirrorless version of Nikon D850. What makes this camera perfect for professional photographers are its sky-high resolution and the 10fps burst shooting speed. Another great thing about Sony A7R III is its 4K video resolution like what Nikon D850 has. Not only still pictures, but you can also produce live short videos.

The difference is the size. Sony A7R III is smaller than Nikon D850. This is considered as one of the best professional cameras in 2019 for plenty of reasons. Besides its solid video specs, this camera has got an in-body stabilization and a 42.2 MP resolution.

There are hardly any flaws in this camera, except that the price is quite high. If you buy this online, you need $2,800.

3. Hasselblad X1D-50c

professional camera

This is another mirrorless camera perfect for professional photographers. Besides the type, the sensor is also in medium format. The 50 MP and the high, full HD video resolution creates a stunning image quality. The camera body is also lightweight, so you can carry it around easily.

The problems with Hasselblad X1D-50c are the slow start when you turn it on and the quirkiness in handling it. Plus, the price is also hefty – but this is worth it for professionals. With minimal control, you get to do a lot with Hasselblad X1D-50c.

4. Sony RX100 III

professional camera

There are reasons why this camera is considered one of the best professional cameras in 2019. For starters, Sony RX100 III is equipped with a starter bundle, extra batteries and charger bundle, and underwater bundle, and a video creator kit. Speaking of videos, this camera also has got a vlogger bundle.

This camera is definitely a favorite to vloggers. Do not be surprised if the price is really high, which is $846 when you purchase online. For vloggers, Sony RX100 III is ideal for storing a lot of short videos, thanks to its 32 GB memory card. The grip and the premium case keep your camera safe.

You can use this camera for professional work (as a premium vlogger). You can also use Sony RX100 III for your spare time. Imagine going on a holiday and taking selfies with this camera. The shooting speed is 10 fps, so you will get plenty of good shots.

5. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

professional camera

If mirrorless is not your thing, then this professional camera probably suits you better. Dust-and-weather-sealed, this DLSR camera has got a responsive touchscreen. The 30.4 MP is progress after the 22.3 MP from the previous model, Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

This camera also has got Dual Pixel AF technology. With phase-detect AF points on the imaging sensor, you get a much faster AF acquisition. There are two card slots for Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, which are SD-media type and Compact Flash.

Does that sound well-crammed to you? You will be surprised at the sight of this camera’s body. Despite the excellent handling, the weight of this camera has been reduced. Although Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has got a 4K video resolution, there are some limitations.

The limitations include MJPEG compression and a severe crop factor. Although you need between $2,100 – 3000 to purchase this online, this camera is really worth it. Its superb image quality makes this Canon EOS 5D Mark IV one of the best professional cameras in 2019.

There are plenty of other best professional cameras in 2019. Based on what you need, you can choose one of these. Hopefully, the camera of your choice helps your professional career in photography.

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