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9 Cheap Canon Cameras for New DSLR Users

When smartphones or basic cameras are no longer enough, you may want to use DSLRs. Many cheap Canon cameras are perfect for beginner DSLR users. While they are not in the level of professional cameras, they still tout sharper and higher image quality. DSLR cameras also have more manual features, allowing you to tackle unique projects and train your skill.

Canon brand has a good reputation, but there are cameras more suitable for new users, with reasonable price tags to follow. here are cheap Canon DSLR cameras all beginner users must have.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

cheap canon cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T7i is one of the newest DSLR cameras for beginners. It came with a 24.2 MP sensor, developed from previous models to create better image quality. It also has a responsive touchscreen for easier control over effects and other features. Rebel T7i also has good autofocus and live view AF system. However, the resulting video only has 1080 pixels, and the exterior is made of plastic.

Price: $699

2. Canon EOS 4000D

cheap canon cameras

Canon EOS 4000D offers fast auto focus speed; 3.0 fps to get optimum resolution. The camera also offers manual focus to hone your photography skill. The 18 MP images and various modes (including night mode) allow users to create great images anytime. Canon EOS4000D also has a separate remote control, which can be connected to a compatible smartphone to take unique selfie angles. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2.7-inch touchscreen, and several filters.

Price: $349.95

3. Canon EOS 2000D

cheap canon cameras

EOS 200D is one of the cheap Canon cameras with a small size for beginners. The dimension is only 122 x 92.6 x 69.8 mm, perfect for beginner grips. You can practice your handle until the camera feels comfortable enough in your hands. It has 24.2 MP resolution with an optical viewfinder, 5 fps continuous shot speed, and 3-inch LCD screen for an easier photo session (with great results). It also has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Price: $349

4. Canon EOS 800D

cheap canon cameras

Beginner photographers who want a taste of professional cameras can choose Canon EOS 800D. The camera captures 24.2 MP images, and the high-quality sensor keeps the images sharp. You can use the camera to learn capturing images in difficult conditions, like when the objects move constantly. It offers 6 fps continuous shot speed, with built-in Wi-Fi to share or print the image immediately. There are 3-inch touchscreen and a 1080p video recorder.

Price: $558.95

5. Canon EOS 750D

cheap canon cameras

Canon EOS 750D is a low-cost camera for beginners who want to get creative. It has 24.2 MP sensor, DIGIC 6 Processor with 5 fps continuous shot speed, and smart viewfinder to produce the best shots. The shooting modes range from basic to creative, allowing the photographer to create unique visuals. The 3-inch LED touchscreen is not only practical but also providing possibilities of creative frames. Wi-Fi built-in is available.

Price: $470

6. Canon EOS 1300D

cheap canon cameras

Canon EOS 1300D is an ideal camera for photographers who are active in social media, especially Instagram. The features support unique photo results worthy of a successful Instagram account. The sensor is only 18 MP, but it has various great effects, such as background blur, low-light images, and built-in NFC compatible with various Android devices. You can also create a high definition, cinematic-quality videos.

Price: $327.85

7. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

cheap canon cameras

Canon EOS Rebel T1i is what you need for a basic DSLR camera that still offers decent features. While it may be an old model, it still provides decent image quality. It has a 15.1 MP sensor with a DIGIC 4 processor that provides good images during continuous shots. The 3-inch clear LCD touchscreen allows you to explore the best frames or angles. You need to purchase a separate memory card to keep all the photos and videos.

Price: $249 (used)

8. Canon EOS Rebel XS

cheap canon cameras

Another old model with good bargain price (even for a high-quality used product), Canon EOS Rebel XS provides decent image quality. It has a 10.1 MP sensor and DIGIC III image processor for a continuous shot. It is ideal for slightly careless owners, thanks to features like self-cleaning sensor and dust detector in its software. The LCD display is only 2.5 inches wide but still provides freedom in finding a good angle.

Price: $174.99 (used)

9. Canon EOS Rebel SL2

cheap canon cameras

Canon EOS Revel SL2 is a perfect camera for a beginner photographer who is also budding vlogger. The camera offers 24.2 MP sensor and fast continuous shot speed with a DIGIC 7 image processor. It also has mic input for better narration or sound. It is also compatible with Android and has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easier sharing options. The viewfinder makes every shot steadier, with minimum lagging. The touchscreen is 3 inches in width.

Price: $599

When choosing a beginner camera, start from a reliable brand. You can experience more sophisticated camera tricks with basic features before moving to the higher-end products. Choose one of these cheap Canon cameras to experience your first DSLR photography, and improve your skill with a decent camera.

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