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5 Recommended Canon Video Cameras for Vlogging

Having vlog takes more than a camera in your smartphone or built-in camera on the laptop. To get the best video with great audio for vlogging, you need a professional video camera. The points of having the best video camera, you need to consider audio quality, autofocus system, built-in default microphone, and high-end video.

There are many kinds of professional video cameras for vlogging. Here are 5 recommended Canon video cameras you can consider to have.


canon video cameras

One of the newest models of the professional video camera from Canon is XA11. This camcorder is designed to record any events in any situation and condition including vlogging.

This Canon video camera is equipped with an advanced HD CMOS Pro image sensor, 20x high definition optical zoom lens, and sophisticated DIGIC DV 4 image processor. This video camera also features the combination of Full HD content and a focal length range of 26.8-576mm. Besides that, this video camera features a face detection which will enable you to capture the videos that you focus on.

Another specification that XA11 features are the highlight priority modes and wide DR gamma. Both specifications will enable you to have a range of tones and colors for high-quality videos. Therefore, this Canon professional video camera is one of the recommended video cameras for vlogging.


canon video cameras

Looking for more sophisticated Canon video camera for blogging? Try to use XA15. This Canon professional camcorder excels in capturing and transmitting the videos. This video camera performs high-quality result on the video.

Equipped with a strong DIGIC DV 4 image processor, a sophisticated HD CMOS pro image Sensor, and fantastic 20x HD optical zoom lens, the XA15 video camera creates the wide-ranging, high-quality full HD videos. With other advanced specifications such as a 3.0-inch capacity of touch panel LCD and an electronic viewfinder with 1.56 dot, it will enable you to operate and record for a long time and in any other environments.

Also, this advanced video camera is lightweight so that you can carry it easily. The image stabilization from both the lens and sensor will enable you to move while shooting your video.

XF400 UHD Camcorder

canon video cameras

If you need a recommended Canon video camera with awesome features and specifications, you better check XF400 UHD Camcorder. This best professional video camera offers a standout combination of great features, 4K UHD image quality, and its functionality. Your videoblogging will have better quality with 4K UHD quality video recording.

XF400 UHD Camcorder enables you to use face detection to keep the autofocus on the subjects while you move. This camcorder is also equipped with up to 120fps in Full HD to record slow motion video, a built-in 0.24-inch electronic viewfinder, and the detachable that can help this camcorder to perform a variety of wide-range shooting situations.

In a result of these specifications, you will able to have great video in less noise with low-light situations. Therefore, XF400 UHD Camcorder is one of the best professional video cameras to buy from Canon. You can record your video blog for 12 hours.

XC15 4K UHD Camcorder

canon video cameras

Canon offers you with a variety of professional video cameras 4K. One of them is XC15 4K UHD Camcorder. This camera is user-friendly and can be used by an amateur, professional 4K HD videographer, a digital filmmaker, or a vlogger. It comes with a complete package. So if you are looking for a new Canon video camera, XC15 4K UHD Camcorder will fit your need.

Designed with a portable and compact body, the XC15 4K UHD Camcorder is a sophisticated video camera to record high-quality footage for vlogging. This camera features an advanced 12 megapixel CMOS image sensor, advanced autofocus for outstanding color and sharpness of the video, and a wide-angle 10x zoom lens with image stabilizer.

This XC15 4K UHD Camcorder will appeal to not only professional videographers but also novice filmmakers and vloggers. You can record high-end footage and outstanding imagery easily and quickly.

XF405 4K UHD Camcorder

canon video cameras

Another recommended Canon video camera for vlogging is XF405 4K UHD Camcorder. This video camera offers a standout combination of sophisticated features, functionality in a compact portable design, and 4K UHD videos.

Fully equipped with a 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS image sensor, sophisticated dual DIGIC DV 6 image processors, and Wide DR Gamma, the XF405 is capable of recording 4K UHD video at 60p and slow-motion recording up to 120fps in full HD in MP4 format. You can use the 15x optical zoom lens to create 4K UHD quality video throughout the range of the entire zoom.

The camcorder’s dual pixel CMOS AF will enable you to have fast and accurate autofocus to the objects while you are moving during the vlogging. Another best feature from this camera is you can make the high-quality video in low light situations by using the sensor. Therefore, XF405 4K UHD Camcorder is worth to buy if you want to have excellent video quality in your vlog.

In conclusion, 5 recommended Canon video cameras for vlogging are worth to buy. Despite its high price, these video cameras offer you some sophisticated features and excellent specifications to produce the best high-quality footage for your vlogging.

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