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How to Choose the Best Camera for Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Since the rise of Instagram and other picture-sharing platforms, photography takes some steps closer to every day’s life. These days, everyone wants to capture everything: their traveling experience, the food they are going to eat, or simply, just exciting little moments that happen in their daily life.

Those who are not satisfied enough with the built-in camera on their smartphones start looking for more advanced cameras. However, choosing the best camera for photography is not that easy. There are several things you need to consider before coming to a decision. Let’s find out more about some considerations you should keep in mind when looking for a photography camera.

Decide the Budget You’d Like to Spend

best camera for photography

First thing first, what you need to do is decide how much money you’d like to spend on this new camera. This should be done even before you decide what type of camera you want to have. Superior camera with advanced lenses and high-resolution images usually cost you around USD1,000. Meanwhile, you can have less expensive cameras with lower resolution for only USD200-300.

To play safe, you can set the budget at USD500. It is a fair amount that can provide you with some choices as well as allow you to consider some other points.

Get to Know the Different Types of Camera

best camera for photography

When the budget is set, it’s time for you to understand better about different types of camera. Understanding the basics of some camera types will help you make a decision based on your needs and contexts. For instance, if you are looking for the best photography camera that can support your creative project, DSLR should be on your top list. This camera offers interchangeable lenses and more complex settings.

When you need a camera to capture the best moments when traveling, a point-and-shoot camera should be enough for you. This compact camera is equipped with built-in lenses and wide zoom technology. More importantly, it is less expensive than a DSLR.

Standing between those types is a mirrorless camera. This camera type can keep up with DSLR in terms of quality and interchangeable lenses. However, because it comes in smaller sizes, a mirrorless camera is usually more affordable.

Take a Look at the Camera Lenses

best camera for photography

The lens is probably one of the most important parts of a camera. Through this curved transparent piece, you can look and shoot particular objects that you want to capture. For that reason, you need to consider this carefully before deciding to buy a certain camera.

If you opt for a DSLR camera, choosing the lens is much easier. DSLR lenses are largely available and can be set depending on your needs with additional cost. However, when you buy a mirrorless or compact point-and-shoot camera, the choices are limited. You firstly need to check out the lens capability, including their zoom lens (optical and digital) as well as how well they shoot in different conditions.

Consider the Camera Sensor

best camera for photography

The camera sensor is connected to many qualities, from the image resolution to the light sensitivity. For that reason, you need to consider this point. In general, the best camera for photography comes with big sensors that are more sensitive to light and at the same time, having higher resolution.

In spite of it, higher resolution equals higher price. Therefore, when the camera resolution ranges between 16-20 megapixels on average, you can choose one that will suit your budget.

Take ISO into Account

best camera for photography

ISO is more or less similar to the camera sensor. It deals with the camera ability to capture better images, even in a situation that doesn’t provide too much light. ISO applies the same concept as the camera sensor: the higher, the better.

For better results, you should choose a camera that offers ISO 1600 at the very least. Such a camera will allow you to shoot clearer and more focused objects. Also, its performance stays good in a low-light condition, even when you don’t use flash.

Check Some Additional Features

best camera for photographer

Another important point on the list of how to choose the best camera is checking the camera’s additional features. These include connectivity, flash, memory card slots, shooting speed, and video capability.

A good camera provides advanced connectivity, in the Wi-Fi system at least. Moreover, it offers built-in and external flash as well as double slots for a memory card. As for the shooting speed, look for a high number of frames per second (8-10fps on average). Last but not least, choose the one that has supported 4K full HD quality for recording a video.

Now that you know some important points to consider, you can continue your quest to finding the best camera for photography. Just remember that there is no such thing like a perfect camera with flawless specifications and affordable price. The perfect camera for you is the one that can fulfill your needs when you pursue photography as a hobby or a new job.

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