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Tips & Trick Using a Video Recorder Camera Like a Professional

Do you know that people today spend more time watching videos than reading? In fact, in 2016, 73% of all online traffic came from video. This is one of the reasons that many people now have a huge interest in creating video content. However, simply having a video recorder camera does not equal to shooting quality content. You need certain techniques and preparations to create a professional looking video. Here are how the professionals do it.


1. Have the right video cameras

video recorder camera

Do not opt for the best video cameras available but find the right one. Sophisticated video camera with too many features will only confuse and overwhelm a beginner. Find the right one that suits your needs. For example, if you are going to make vlogs, then you may not need a video camera with zoom feature since this type of video is usually shot up close. Therefore, you don’t have to find professional video cameras that boast their zooming feature for a simple vlog.


2. Plan before shoot

video recorder camera

A professional video maker usually does not simply take their best camcorder and start recording. They will plan beforehand on what kind of goal they want to achieve, and who are their target audience. By understanding the goal and the audience, you will be able to determine any other important aspects of video-making. These aspects are the scripts, the way you shoot and edit the video, and where will you distribute your video content. So, before you start shooting, sit down and plan your content.


3. Think about the light

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A video with poor lighting makes it looks amateurish. Therefore, lighting is one of the most important things to consider when you are shooting a video. If you are shooting outdoor, shoot when it has the best soft natural light such as in the morning or evening. Don’t shoot during midday because a hard light straight can cast shadows on your subjects. If you are shooting indoors, you need lamps to make sure that your subject receives enough lights but be careful where you place them. Different placement and type of light will create different effects on your subjects.


4. Be mindful when choosing a background

video recorder camera

There are two options when choosing a background. Either a solid colored background or a real-live environment. Whichever you are choosing, make sure that there are no distracting objects at the background which can disrupt your audience. In this case, a solid colored background is a great choice for a beginner. If you are using a solid background such as backdrop paper, make sure that the subject does not stand too close to the backdrop. But if you are choosing a real-live environment, make sure there is no reflective surface behind the subject.


5. Use a separate mic

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Best HD video camera and many other cameras usually have an internal mic for recording. However, make sure you use a separate mic for recording to get clear and crisp audio. Many people don’t mind watching a non-HD video as long as it has a clear and great quality of audio. Thus, you need to invest in a good microphone before starting to shoot your video. Place the microphone on the subject’s body or a boom, but carefully place it to catch a clear voice. Make sure to test it first before shooting so that you can adjust the mic accordingly.


6. Use a tripod

video recorder camera

A shaky video can be difficult to watch and makes your audience feel uncomfortable. Therefore, put your camera on a steady surface or use a tripod to avoid shaky video. Avoid moving your video recorder camera too much. If you want to change the perspective, just cut into another shot rather than moving your camera around. It will help your video looks cleaner cut and looks more professional.


7. Rather than take one long recording, opt for small segments recording

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Taking small shots seems like spending too much time for recording at first. However, this method will save more time and energy during the whole process. Shooting small shots means you can easily reshoot any segment you don’t like. It also helps the subjects remembering fewer things when recording. Additionally, you can easily edit your video during the post-production, such as cutting the unnecessary shots.


8. Remember the composition rules

video recorder camera

The composition rule usually associated in photography applies in videography too.  As a beginner in videography, the rule of thirds should be easy enough to apply. Additionally, it is also the safest way to get a nice composition for your subject and its background. The subject should be at one of the intersections of the grid, and the eyes should be around the top line. You need to be careful not to leave too much space on top of the head or cut off part of the head. But if you have to take a close up shot, cut the top of the head, not the chin.

Those are some of the tricks you can start doing when filming using your video recorder camera to obtain a professional looking video. You will probably not get everything right at the first try, but with practice, eventually, you will find the best method to create a video with great quality.

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