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7 Simple Tips to Improve your Sports Photography Skills

Developing sports photography skill will be challenging especially if you are bound to capture the important moments during the sporting events. It will be more challenging to photograph the greatest moments such as the excitement and action from each sports event. You also need to be able to read the situation where you can get the best spot to take the pictures.

If you are still in the beginning step to know sports photography, don’t worry. There is still room for your skill improvement. Just follow these 7 simple tips to improve your photography skill and practices them frequently.

1. Choose the Suitable Lens and Other Devices

Sports Photography

One of the simple tips you may try in sports photography is to choose and use a suitable lens and other devices for taking sports photos. Being a sports photographer, you need to have a gear bag with loads of devices like multi-focal lenses, a camera, a tripod, and a telephoto lens with image stabilizer.

The right camera and lens will enable you to capture the action through the long distance and close-up shots. Those devices will allow you to zoom in the photos as close as you can.

2. Maximize Shutter Speed

Sports Photography

Another simple tip to follow in sports photography is to maximize the shutter speed. To improve your skill in this type of photography. Taking sports shots are dynamic. Therefore, you need to maximize the shutter speed of the camera.

This feature enables you to capture and freeze the fast movement during the match. For example, you can use shutter speed to capture the moment when a basketball player does the slam dunk or airwalks. You can also capture the moments when a basketball player dribbles and catches a pass from another player.

Make sure you set your camera in sports mode or switch to shutter mode to make a control over speed. You can use both fast shutter speed or slow shutter speed to catch the player in motion.

3. Shoot from Various Angles

Sports Photography

When you are going to capture a sports event, you are not the only sports photographer in the match. You need to create more engaging sports photos by setting with your positions from various different angles.

You need to have a breakthrough by producing interesting points on a sports story. These can be applied in any photos in any sports events you attend. Your breakthrough shots will have your photos to get noticed by the viewers.

4. Try Photographing some Sequences

Sports Photography

Try to have some sequences of photos in a sports event. This simple tip will enable you to see the sequences of the motions of the sports. You can try using this tip if you are planning to take photos in the skiing event. You can take the sequences of skiing pictures and create more epic and well-known photos.

The purpose of having some sequences of the photos will showcase the interesting motion from the sports. Your viewer will understand the idea of the route of the match, the interplay between players, and even the body movement of the athletes.

The sequences photos can be taken by using a tripod through framing them one shot where all the action takes place. In addition, you can take sequences of photos by panning and shooting the action in front of you.

5. Avoid the Crowd

Sports Photography

One of the tips to improve your sports photography skill is to avoid the crowd. Try to avoid the crowd from the games if you have a chance to move around a venue. It is recommended for you to find a place that no one else is shooting.

Find a low or high place in a venue where you can find the angles and set your point of view. You can try to combine a wide or tight angle with an extremely low or high angle when capturing the photos.

6. Watch your Eyes on the Action

Sports Photography

When you want to capture the best moments in sports, you must keep your eyes on the action. One magic moment can’t be repeated. Keep your camera in the ready position. Don’t bother to check every photo you take or you will miss the moments: the player makes hat trick, does the slam dunk, or does the home run. You are allowed to check your pictures at intervals.

7. Keep the Flash on the Belt

Sports Photography

Another tip on improving your sports photography skill is to turn off the flash of your camera. Make sure your on-camera flash is off. This flash is usually prohibited from turning on during the professional sports events. It will disturb the players or athletes’ concentration. Don’t worry, many indoor sports facilities provide flash ceilings to produce the ideal lighting condition for everyone to make great quality photos.

In conclusion, these 7 simple tips are applicable to use in improving your sports photography skills. Keep practicing, and you will be able to produce the best sports photos.

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