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11 Best Sony Mirrorless Camera: Ultimate Choice for Beginners and Professionals

Sony has been a well-known brand for a top-notch camera with great specifications. Recently, it comes with a new selection of the mirrorless camera. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, you can choose between these 9 best Sony mirrorless camera out there.


1. Sony a6000

sony mirrorless camera

For the beginner, a6000 will be the perfect Sony mirrorless camera option. It only costs you $600, and you can get fast autofocus, stunning videos, and high-quality images. Thanks to its small and compact body, you can easily carry this camera in your pocket.


2. Sony a6300

sony mirrorless camera

Compared to a6000, this Sony mirrorless camera has better specifications and features. Your video record experience is also highly improved because of 4K video capture, S-Log gamma format, and OLED viewfinder features. It also offers 4D focus to provide 1080p resolution images at 120 fps and better video subjects.


3. Sony a6400

sony mirrorless camera

The best thing about this Sony mirrorless camera is fast hybrid autofocus system to provide faster reaction when you half-pressed the shutter button. To give a better user’s experience, it also features with a 180-degree flipping touchscreen. With its real-time tracking features, a6400 can easily track the subject’s body so that it will be a perfect camera for portrait photography or animal photography. Sony a6400 isn’t best suited for video, but it can still produce sharp and colorful images.

To be concluded, a6400 is a great value-price camera with vivid image quality and incredible autofocus system. It will be a perfect camera for a photographer, but there will be better options if you are a vlogger, video maker, or filmmaker.


4. Sony a6500

sony mirrorless camera

If you are a semi-pro photographer, you should consider this Sony mirrorless camera. It features with 5-axis in-body image stabilization, which will be perfect for handheld video shooting, still shooting, or video shooting with telephoto lenses. There is also an upgrade touch-screen LCD to make it easier for navigation, which isn’t available in the previous series. It is also equipped with various features like 4x slow motion, 3fps silent shutter mode, and 4D focus to improve the user’s experience.


5. Sony a7S II

sony mirrorless camera

For video shooting stills Sony mirrorless camera, there is a7S II. First, this camera offers incredible sensitivity. Thanks to the 5-axis image stabilization system, it can also produce sharper images and smoother footage. It has the same processor with the original A7S with new circuitry to improve noise reduction and video recording experience.


6. Sony a7 III

sony mirrorless camera

There is also a Sony mirrorless camera full frame that will be perfect for a professional photographer. Within its price range, a7 III can deliver the sharpest image with the least noise at higher ISO compared to another mirrorless camera. Thanks to the comfortable grip and tilting touchscreen, it also gives a user-friendly experience. Furthermore, it also offers great battery life and memory card.


7. Sony a7R

sony mirrorless camera

Sony mirrorless camera a7R has similar features with a7, except it is equipped with a 36-megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter, which provides better quality images. Moreover, it also features with Bionz X processor to give sharper images, less noise, and reduced diffraction. There are also various features, such as tilting LCD, Multi-interface shoe, XGA OLED electronic viewfinder, and Wi-Fi, to improve your filmmaking experience.


8. Sony a7R II

sony mirrorless camera

This Sony mirrorless camera full frame features with a 42MP sensor and 5-axis image stabilization. It is the first camera in the market that uses a BSI CMOS sensor, which provides overall better-quality output. Furthermore, a7R II also has better phase-detection autofocus and capable to focus effectively by using its lenses or even other lenses. With its full magnesium alloy construction, this camera also offers great durability and relatively light body.


9. Sony a7R Mark III

sony mirrorless camera

As the latest high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera, a7R III offers high speed and fast autofocus. Compared to a7R II, this Sony mirrorless camera can shoot more frame per second. Generally, it also has faster processing, improved handling, and larger battery capacities.


10. Sony A77 II

sony mirrorless camera

This $ 1,300 Sony mirrorless camera offers outstanding autofocus module with better tracking subject’s capability. With its Bionz X processor, A77 II is capable of shooting 64 fine JPEGs or 25 JPEG raw images at 12fps. By using the Wi-Fi or NFC connections, you can easily connect the camera with your Android/iOs device and apply various techniques, such as sequence shots, time-lapse, or colorization.


11. Sony RX100 V

sony mirrorless camera

RX100 V is the newest premium product in Sony mirrorless camera lineup. Thanks to the 1-inch sensor with phase detection autofocus, this camera can shoot impressively detailed footage. It can also capture 24 frames per second so that it will be a perfect camera for sports photography.

Sony mirrorless camera will be a great deal for beginners or pros, whether you have a lot of budgets or a limited budget. There are many options to choose, and you can buy the best mirrorless camera based on your needs and preferences.

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