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5 Best Sony Camera with Outstanding Mirrorless Features

Mirrorless camera has been around for the last decade as an alternative to the popular types of photography camera, SLR and DSLR. This camera type is similar in performance to the SLR and its digital version. However, because the mirrorless camera doesn’t have the reflex mirror inside, its dimension is smaller, thus making it more practical to use.

As one of the oldest players in the photography industry, Sony offers several types and models of mirrorless camera. Launched under the series name of Sony Alpha, here is the list of Sony camera with outstanding mirrorless features that can be used by beginners and professionals.

Sony Alpha A6000

sony camera

Alpha A6000 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for their first mirrorless camera. It offers auto and manual mode; both of them are easy to operate, even by beginner photographers. When it is set in the full auto mode, this camera can capture high-quality images in sharp and detailed resolution.

However, because it belongs to the early generation of Sony Alpha, A6000 can only shoot 1080p footage and doesn’t support 4K video technology. Additionally, this model has a lower resolution of the viewfinder, compared to other cameras in the same series. In spite of its slight weaknesses, Sony A6000 has a compact dimension that makes it more comfortable and practical to carry.

Sony Alpha A7 II

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Photography enthusiasts mark Sony Alpha A7 II as a Sony camera with great value. Being the second version of Sony A7, this camera was introduced in 2014. Throughout the years, it has become a favorite among intermediate and expert photographers.

One of the main benefits that Sony A7 II offers is its budget price. For a price under USD1,500 (including kits and lens), you can bring this camera home to capture your precious moments. Despite its affordable price, A7 II provides a superb performance with its full-frame sensor size and full HD 1080p video features. With the three-inch monitor, this camera also has 117 points of autofocus and 24.2 MP Resolution.

Sony Alpha A7 III

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Sony Alpha A7 III cuts the list of best Sony mirrorless cameras. It is not surprising, of course, because this camera offers numerous excellent features. In terms of resolution and sensor size, Alpha A7 III is more or less the same as its predecessor, A7 II. However, when it comes to autofocus points, video quality, and continuous shooting rate, this model offers greater performance.

Alpha A7 III has advanced autofocus of 693 points which makes it shoot better pictures in different ranges of lighting conditions. Moreover, its video shooting quality can reach up to 4K at 30p with the maximum continuous shooting rate of 10fps. With a slightly higher price than A7 II, those features are considered a great deal.

Sony Alpha A7R III

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Another model in the Sony Alpha series, A7R III, is a superior Sony mirrorless camera which offers high resolution of 42.2MP. It is also supported by 10fps shooting rate and 399-point autofocus system. As for video shooting, this camera has similar quality to the previous model, A7III: both of them can shoot 4K-footage at 30p. By providing such excellent features, no wonder that A7R III becomes the perfect camera for expert users.

More importantly, Sony Alpha A7R III is versatile; it can be used in different settings and situations. Whether you use it inside a studio or bring it outside to capture a natural landscape in the wildlife, this camera will give you the best performance.

Sony Alpha A9

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Alpha A9, or refer to Sony A9, is listed under the category of the fast-action mirrorless camera from Sony. Its speedy performance is supported by a 639-point autofocus system and 20fps capture burst. This camera is also equipped with a stacked sensor that won’t let you miss a millisecond of captured moments. The sensor itself consists of three different layers: one for pixels, one as a pixel-reader, and another one provide pixel memories.

Because its main features are particularly superior in speed, Sony A9 is a perfect camera to capture a moment in the action and sports setting. However, this superiority comes with a catch. Since the camera can shoot 20 images per second, its memory will run out quickly. For that reason, you need to prepare additional memory in the dual SD card slots. That marks the end of the list. In addition to several models that have been reviewed in this article, Sony camera offers some other mirrorless models, such as Sony A7S II, A6300, and A6500. However, of all models in the Sony Alpha series, five models above are considered more popular than the others. Therefore, you can use them as a reference when looking for a mirrorless camera launched by Sony.

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