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Top 7 Samsung Camera of 2019 for Photography Beginners

Samsung camera is a good option for those who have a hobby of photography or want to explore this field deeply. Samsung has recently released the latest innovation for their camera line. This South Korean brand has combined the technology from a digital camera and Android system.

Are you interested in having a Samsung camera? So, here is a list of the best Samsung cameras in 2019 for professional or amateur users.


1. Samsung NX3300 Kit 20-50mm

samsung camera

The Samsung NX3300 Kit 20-50mm is the new line from its predecessor, NX3000. The difference between the two is not very significant. For the latest series, this Samsung camera features a photo editing master, namely Adobe Lightroom.

While in terms of the camera body, NX3300’s dimension covers 4.62×2.59×1.54 inches with a weight of 231 grams.

Then, for the engine aspect, the NX3300 comes with a 20.3-megapixel camera resolution, equipped with a BSI CMOS providing remarkable photos even in dim lighting conditions. Not only that, but the photos also look amazing because this camera has a resolution of 5472×3468 pixels.

Outfitting with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, you can easily share files from your camera to your smartphone too.


2. Samsung WB2200F

samsung camera

Referring to the first super Zoom camera in the world, the main strength of the WB2200F is in its lens. Also, the South Korean manufacturer has provided several innovations in the camera body design by applying a dual-grip model.

Further, Samsung WB2200F has embedded an electronic viewfinder and i-Function button to make it easier when capturing objects.

This Samsung camera is powered by a BSI CMOS sensor type with a resolution of up to 16MP and an ultrawide lens with a size of 20mm. WB2200F’s lens has an optical zoom up to 60x, with 1200mm focal lens distance.


3. Samsung NX30

samsung camera

This Samsung camera is claimed to have features that can make photographers, both amateur and professional, to turn away from DSLR cameras. Samsung NX30 is equipped with an electronic peephole that can spin up.

However, shooting will be more comfortable if you do it through its 3-inch main screen. This screen can be rotated and folded, as well as very responsive when operated with the touch of a finger.

One more advantage of this camera is the speed sector. This camera has a shutter speed of 1/8000 seconds, which is very useful when shooting fast actions, such as sports events or dancer movements.

Just like other premium DSLM (Digital Single-Lens Mirrorless) cameras, the NX30 has also implemented a hybrid autofocus system. This system combines contrast-detection technology and phase-detection AF. With that technology, this camera can find focus quickly and accurately.


4. Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 (EK-GC200)

samsung camera

Still armed with an Android system, this Samsung camera has dimensions of 132.5×71.2×19.3 mm and weighs 283 grams. As a sequel to the Galaxy Camera series, this camera has a body made of plastic and aluminum metal.

The most notable distinction between the Galaxy Camera 2 and its predecessor lies in their flashlight. For this series, Samsung has redesigned the flash by giving a 2-point hinge so that the user can direct the flash upward or downward.

Also, this camera screen supports multitouch that can identify 10 touches at the same time. From the connectivity aspect, Galaxy Camera 2 adds an NFC option for data transfer. Sure, it will be easier if you have a smartphone with the same capabilities too. Hence, you only have to attach the Galaxy Camera 2 to the phone when transferring photos.


5. Samsung NX500 Kit

samsung camera

Launched in February 2015, photography enthusiasts still favor this Samsung camera. That’s because this camera can record 4K video and has an LCD touchscreen that can be folded up for taking a selfie.

The NX500 is also equipped with 28-megapixel backside illuminated sensors, without an AA filter to capture sharper photos. Further, this series features the best image processor in its class, named DRIMeV.

Samsung complements the NX500 with the Auto Shot as well. This feature allows the camera to automatically take pictures at the right time – for example, when you want to shoot a child who is kicking the ball – using motion recognition technology.


6. Samsung NX1

samsung camera

NX1 is considered as one of the best Samsung camera mirrorless. This camera has been supported by a BSI CMOS sensor measuring 23.5 X 15.7 mm, featured with an Effective Pixel of 28.2 megapixels.

This Samsung camera is also armed with a quad-core DRIMe V processor, which is usually found on high-end smartphones. With the support of this processor, NX1 can record two types of videos with high resolution and reduce the EVF lag.


7. Samsung NX10

samsung camera

Interestingly, Samsung calls this series a hybrid DSLR camera. This Samsung smart camera offers many conveniences, including its minimalist dimension, 4.23×3.43×1.57 inches. Indeed, this camera size is thinner compared to the conventional DSLR cameras used the Four Thirds System.

Also, the NX10 menu layout is quite easy to understand. Just like DSLR cameras, this camera can be operated manually and offers the possibility of changing its lens. Not only that, but The NX10 may also be a point-and-shoot camera.

If you need a Samsung camera to support your photography activities, the recommendations above can be a reference. Not only for a beginner, but that option also applies to those who are professional.

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