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The Ultimate Guide to Learn Real Estate Photography

The real estate business cannot be separated from photography. Real estate photography is the art of photographing buildings, interior or exterior, that are used to sell the building or house. In this case, photographers are required to increase the value of a property through their ability to capture images. For those of you who want to start a real estate photography business, here are some that you need to pay attention to.

1. The Equipment You Need

Real Estate Photography

Some of the tools you need to start learning real estate photography, including a camera, wireless trigger, external flash, and wide-angle lenses. No need to use a fisheye lens because using a wide-angle lens is enough to take pictures of the entire room. You can use a wide-angle lens measuring 14—18 mm.

You might also need a tripod to keep the camera steady when taking pictures. A tripod will help you to produce a stable and symmetrical image. Adjusting the height of the camera is also will be easier. Furthermore, using a tripod will also help you get the perfect angle for taking pictures.

2. Preparing the Place

Real Estate Photography

Before starting the photo shoot, it’s a good idea to do a survey or prepare the best possible location you want to take a picture. For the interior, remove objects that are unnecessary and arrange the room as attractive as possible, and look for the side of the room that can support the value of the property.

Meanwhile, for the exterior, you must consider the shape of the building and look for angles that can make the house look attractive. All facilities such as parks, ponds, or terraces must be quite visible. If you do a photo shoot for someone else, make sure you discuss which part of the house that your client wants to highlight.

3. Exterior Lighting

Real Estate Photography

For exterior lighting, it would be better if you could use natural light. Therefore, the most appropriate time to take pictures is when the sun shines brightly, which is between morning and noon. If possible, you can also take advantage of the “golden hour”, which is the time after sunrise and after sunset. The light produced at this time will appear more magical.

You also need to ensure the direction of the sun from the position of the house to determine the right angle. Make sure the position of the sun is behind you when taking pictures. If you are observant enough, you can also take advantage of the light lines produced by the sun to make the image look more attractive.

4. Interior Lighting

Real Estate Photography

For interior lighting of real estate photography, if you don’t have professional lighting tools, you can use light from outside the window or the lamps of the house. Therefore, the best time to take pictures of the interior is during the day. Light from outside will greatly help the process of shooting.

It would be much better if you avoid using flash because it can make the picture look harsh and grainy. If there is a reflecting object in the room, it will catch the flash so that it can ruin the image. Therefore, to get the best image quality, you are better advised to use the natural light as much as possible.

5. The Composition

Real Estate Photography

The object you want to take does not always have to be in the middle of the frame. You can also try dividing the frame into three parts, then place the object you want to take on the right or left side. This will make the image you take look more dynamic. Pay attention to the position of objects, vertically and horizontally. Make sure the position of the object is balanced so that it will not interfere with the focus of the image. You can also use a tripod and wireless trigger so that the picture you take is more symmetrical and not shaking.

6. Editing Process

Real Estate Photography

Before uploading photos to the website, or submitting photos to clients, you may need to do a refinement process first. If there is a part of the photo that looks less good, you can improve it through the editing process. You can change contrast or increase brightness if needed. However, avoid changing too much because it can make the image look unnatural. You can edit as needed, but try not to change the original color of the image.

Those are some of the things about real estate photography you need to consider. Currently, the real estate photography business is indeed on the rise. This is due to the increasingly rapid development of online businesses, including property business. For those of you who want to further explore the real estate photography business, you need to pay attention to the market you want to go to and prepare to compete with other real estate photographers. If you just want to go into this business, you might be able to start by entering the company first because to become an independent photographer requires strong skills and connections.

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