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Portrait Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginner

Portrait photography is a photograph of someone or a group of people, which is able to show their personality through poses, lighting, backgrounds, and certain poses. In portrait photography, a photographer is required to understand the potential that exists in their object. He must be able to bring up a photo that is simple, amazing, and full of stories. For you who want to try to learn about portrait photography, here are some portrait photography tips you can try.

1. Choose and maximize your lens

Portrait Photography


The choice of lenses can give a big impact to your portrait. For a portrait photograph with visual-focused, using a wide-angle lens will give you the best result. For a better look, you can take pictures from the bottom to make your model look taller than usual. For the best result, you better choose a 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto lens. It will help you to create an amazing portrait.

Moreover, you can play with the focus to make your objects look more stunning. You should also choose a wide-open aperture to make your object look more stand out. Don’t hesitate to increase your ISO when you take a picture in a low-light place. It will help you to avoid blur picture due to lack of light and camera-shake.

2. Adjust the lighting

Portrait Photography


Lighting is one of the main factors that determine the quality of your photos. It would be much better if you were able to take advantage of natural lighting such as sunlight. However, if you take photos in the room and have difficulty getting enough sunlight, you can use the lights. When doing photo sessions inside and outside the room, knowing the direction of light is very important.

When shooting outside, it would be much better if you could if you can take pictures when the sun touches one side. It will help you to play with light and shadow. If you do the indoor shooting, you can choose soft lighting so that it looks simple and clean. Just like an outdoor photo session, in an indoor photo session, you also need to pay attention to the direction of light to get a more dramatic picture.

3. Choose the perfect

Portrait Photography


One of the most important things in portrait photography is background. It is important to choose a background which will not interfere with the focus on the model because a portrait focus is a person’s face. For a better result, you can choose a simple and clean background. If it’s hard to find a simple background, you can also play with your camera’s lens to make blurry effect behind your model.

If it is possible, you can also try to find an angle to frame your model. It will create a stunning portrait when you put your model as the main focus surrounded with interesting scenery. You can also adjust the frame with the theme of the photo you’re shooting. Choosing the right frame can greatly increase the value of your work.

4. Pay attention to your model’s position

Portrait Photography


This tip is useful for those of you who plan to take portrait photos with a focus on one person. Pay attention to space above your model’s head. Make sure that the space is not too large so that the composition between the frame and the face of your model balanced. If you plan to make a full-portraits photo, you can also cut the top of the model’s head so that the image looks “full”.

You also have to pay attention to your model’s eyes. It is because, in portrait photography, your model’s eye is the main focus. Don’t forget that a person’s eyes can tell many stories. That’s why you can also communicate with your model what direction they should see and what expression you expect.

5. Try a candid shot

Portrait Photography


Candid photos are usually preferred because they show a free and natural expression, and also look full of stories. People usually choose candid photos to capture pre-wedding or photos of their children. However, a natural, candid photo is not easy for beginners. Therefore, you might need help in the form of property or assistant.

To do a candid photo session, you can ask the model to do activities as usual while you take pictures. If your model is too stiff, you might need the help of others to distract the model. Moreover, when taking candid photos, the speed and foresight of the photographer are needed so that the moment is not missed.

Those are some about portrait photography tips you should know. You might also need to join a photography community if you want to sharpen your skills. By joining a community, you can exchange ideas and get interesting input for your works. Don’t be afraid to start; you will find your own style someday.

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