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5 Best Polaroid Digital Camera for Holiday

Photography can be more fun and exceptional with a Polaroid digital camera. It gives an instant result, which is perfect for the modern world with a dynamic rhythm. Besides, an instant camera gives you artsy photo results that youth consider as Instagram-worthy.

Why is the instant camera better known as Polaroid camera? Because the first brand to initiate an immediate print is Polaroid. It’s not the only brand to present such a camera, though. There are a number of other brands you can choose.

For you who want to have more fun with an instant camera, there are many choices of polaroid camera types with fresh and colorful design. Not to mention that instant camera is portable so it will be your best companion for the holiday. Better still, you can instantly give the photo result as a souvenir for your friend during the holiday? Isn’t it fun, eh?

But if you are still not sure which instant camera suits you best, check out our best picks:

Polaroid Socialmatic

polaroid digital camera

The flat and square design of this camera will remind you of the Instagram icon. Hence, the compact size is so portable and won’t burden you. You can simply put it inside your tote bag.

And not only on the outside, but you can also count on its performance. Polaroid socialmatic is powered with 14 MP front lens and 2 MP lens for taking the selfie. There is also 4 MB internal memory and the additional slot memory.

Polaroid socialmatic uses the android operating system and supports wifi and Bluetooth connection. Hence you can easily transfer the data from there. 

You can get this camera for about USD 200 or IDR 3,700,000.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

polaroid digital camera

Comes in a simple design in grey and brown leather colors, the camera is made for those who consider themselves traditionalists in photography. The camera has a classic look and standard filters that can instantly be printed. Yet, it looks like an analog camera with a touch of vintage.

Despite its old-school looks, the camera is powered with a rechargeable battery and features a small LCD screen to display the setting. You can disable the flash if you think the picture you take will be too bright.

You can get this great camera for around USD 118. It is not too expensive for a classic look and modern concept of a polaroid camera.

Lomo’instant Automat

polaroid digital camera

The Lomo’instant automat is powered with 60 mm lens and CR2 batteries. It comes in burgundy and cream colors that enhance the exclusivity and make you feel like having a classic gadget.

Not to mention there are more things featured in this camera such as aperture f/8, lens ring, and shutter release button. You can also do selfie easily with this retro-looking polaroid camera.

Another good news from this camera is the use of Instax mini film from Fujifilm that is easy to get and quite affordable, so no need to worry when you are running out of the paper. Get this camera starting from USD 109.

Leica Sofort

polaroid digital camera

When you buy a Leica, you do not only get a camera, but style as well. Leica’s logo is so famous and iconic that it’s not surprising the price is twice as much as other Polaroid cameras in the same class.

Starting from USD 288, Leica Sofort is one of the cheapest Leica cameras you can get. The design is so compact and makes the camera more comfortable to operate.

So, if you look for a classy Polaroid camera (but also tight in the budget), e Leica Sofort is a good choice.

Polaroid Snap

polaroid digital camera

Looking at the design of this polaroid camera will please you, and all you want to do is grab this fantastic camera and put it inside your pocket.

The Polaroid snap comes in a variety of exciting and eye-catching colors. Not to mention that the camera is also zero-ink, which means you don’t need a single ink drop to print the photo.

You can buy this Polaroid Snap for an affordable price of USD 100.

So, are you ready to capture your fantastic moments during the holiday? But before buying a Polaroid or instant camera, here are some tips that you might need:

  • Don’t forget to buy the paper, or your instant camera will be no use during the holiday
  • Do you prefer to record the moment? Forget the instant camera and buy a small camera that can do video recording
  • Choose the instant camera with the affordable paper and of course, easy to find.

So, which Polaroid digital camera will you pick?

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