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Canon or Nikon DSLR Camera? Which One is Better for Beginner?

When it comes to a camera brand, photography enthusiasts are always spoilt for choice. If they have to pick between Nikon DSLR camera or Canon, both of those brands are highly recommended and have got good reviews. Not to mention the various types and features they offer.

Choosing the camera that suits you will never be an easy job. You must think about why you need the camera and in which user level you belong. After that, you can see the comparison between Nikon and Canon and decide which one will be the best brand for you.

So, here are some Nikon DSLR comparison and Canon that will help you to catch between the two devices.

The Quality of Video

nikon dslr camera

Both Nikon and Canon are trying hard to give the best quality video. Moreover, nowadays, video consumption has increased in number, and people tend to think that it is the best way to grab the information.

However, Canon is the brand that starts to think about the video quality in the camera first. Compared to Nikon, Canon has better autofocus on the recording so that the lens can refocus itself while you record the video.

But, that doesn’t mean that Nikon doesn’t feature the autofocus inside its cameras. Some Nikon’s cameras provide autofocus feature just as good as Canon’s. Moreover, Nikon’s new series offers 60 fps frame rate which is better than many Canon series offer.

The User Level

nikon dslr camera

Both Canon and Nikon release cameras with different functions based on user levels. Some cameras are made for the beginners, for the photography enthusiasts, or the experts. So, you must understand which camera suits your level.

However, many camera experts suggest Canon as the better choice for the beginner, because their products are more comfortable to operate and to understand. And for the photographer in the intermediate level, the experts tend to suggest Nikon for its various lenses.

So, you must understand your level of photography first. Have you just recently started your hobby in photography? Or have you been familiar with the photography for a while? Think again. Don’t buy the camera because it just seems so cool or because a professional photographer owns it.

The Price

nikon dslr camera

Those two brands offer low-end, middle-end, and even the high-end types. The more sophisticated the features, the higher the price. So, you must check which camera suits your needs as well as your budget.

Many experts suggest Canon if you are tight on the budget because, in the same class, Canon is more likely sold at a lower price than Nikon. That is why many beginners choose to buy a Canon.

Not only about the camera price, but you must also consider the lens’ price. Nikon’s lens is more expensive compared to the Canon.

The Grip

nikon dslr camera

Professional photographers are used to handling a camera in any situation. They’re trained and experience, after all. However, beginners often find problems with the grip, particularly when they are in a rush or the middle of the crowd.

If you don’t hand the camera well, there is a risk that your camera will fall or you don’t get an excellent and stable picture. So, besides practicing to use the camera, you also have to choose the camera that is easy to handle even by the beginners.

Many people think that Canon is more comfortable to handle because it has a right and more comfortable grip. Thus, the entry-users are highly recommended to choose Canon for their first experience.

What Is the Best Choice for Beginners?

nikon dslr camera

Each Nikon and Canon provide cameras for entry-level or beginners. For example, Nikon D3500, Nikon D5300, or Canon D1000 and Canon D450.

However, Canon for the beginner is more comfortable to operate and more friendly to the entry-user. Thus, if you want to learn photography from zero, you can consider buying Canon instead of Nikon.

But, if you consider yourself quite above the beginner level, pick Nikon for its high-end level cameras features many functions that professionals need.

Those are the comparison between Nikon DSLR and Canon DSLR. Overall, both brands are worth to buy, but you must think about these things first.

Which user level do you belong? Beginner or expert? Needless to say, it’s not wise for beginners to use the expert camera.

  • How much budget you have? Don’t buy a camera that is highly overpriced for you
  • Do you often take pictures or make videos?
  • What do you seek from a camera? Its style? Or its function?

And the last, don’t forget to check the specification of both Nikon DSLR camera and Canon DSLR that you want to buy.

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