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9 Food Photography Tricks That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

As the name suggests, food photography uses food as the object of shooting. This type of photography can be said to be a little tricky. Apart from arranging the basic concept of good shooting, the food must always look fresh. So, here are food photography tricks that can turn you into a pro. Read more to find out the details!

1. Show food in small portions

food photography

In food photography, there are several techniques that you need to pay attention to. First, the portion of food has to be in small quantities. However, a small portion will bring more attention to the food itself. Besides, a small portion of food can provide more space for the audience to enjoy your object. Just as important, always try to display simplicity. It could give more interesting results than you put many components in the photos.

2. Take the picture immediately when the food is still fresh

food photography

Taking food photographs has a time limit. Therefore, you must be clever in using time. For example, you want to take a picture of a bowl of chicken soup, with its luscious steam display as well.

So before that, first set all the devices that you will use. After all the preparations are finished, just serve the soup in the bowl and decorate it as beautiful as possible. For an extra tip, use the reflector or additional light on the photo object to get maximum results.

3. Don’t use on-camera flash

food photography

On-camera flash has a bad effect on food. That is because it will give a lot of light to the moist area of food. Therefore, you should turn off the flash when you want to take pictures of food. Moreover, the on-camera flash will make the food look oily.

The use of flash during the shooting process can make the photos look strange too. So remember that food will look prettier if it is exposed to soft light. For that reason, you should take advantage of natural lighting around the food.

4. Using a tripod is a must in food photography techniques

food photography

Tripod is a tool that can be very helpful in this type of photography. The tool can keep the camera stable during the shooting process. By using a tripod, your hands are also freer in directing the position of the object.

5. Always maintain the food color

food photography

Make sure that the photo object has the right color combination. That is, avoid colors that are too dominant or striking, so the photos look not attractive. You can further insert some cutlery that has good color contrast with the object image.

Photographing seafood, for example, is not as easy as imagined. To make it look fresh, you need to do some tricks. You can use a mixture of water and glycerol. Further, apply it to the food surface every time you want to take a picture. The results will definitely look fantastic.

6. Lighting is everything!

food photography

Just like other types of photography, lighting is an important key in food photography. Therefore, it is very crucial to have a device that can control light when shooting. If you use natural light from sunlight, for example, use a diffuser to improve the quality of the light. When you work with natural light, blocking is also quite vital.

In most cases, sunlight falls on your background or props, so that the light becomes too bright. It can even be brighter than your photo object. To work around that, you can use a black card to block light that appears to overlap with your object. The method can also help you to create chic dark shadows on the picture.

7. Please use different angles!

food photography

Isn’t anything the same boring? It’s better to take a picture with different angles. Therefore, the photo will look more engaging. You can still apply the classic angle like looking straight down from above. But don’t make it the default angle because you also need to highlight important elements of food.

8. Showing simplicity is the best

food photography

A simple display of food could be an important point that you must photograph. Sometimes, adding other components or decorations makes the audience unable to focus on the object. Therefore, it’s best not to put too much composition on the object of the shot.

9. Arrange the basic ingredients of food

food photography

To make the photo look more alive, add the basic ingredients of the food in your frame. For example, you are photographing strawberry yogurt, so arrange fresh strawberries around it to give an attractive visual image. The result will certainly look artistic because the blend of colors from fresh strawberries and yogurt can create a wonderful harmony.

Here are some tips for food photography. Of course, continuing to practice is the best way to train your strengths. Hopefully, this can inspire you to be more creative in producing iconic photos of food!

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