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5 Inspiring Famous Photographers Around World

Some people are born to be other people’s eyes to see true beauty around the world, like these 5 inspiring famous photographers. Their work has changed many people, especially the way they see life. Through them, everyone can get experiences that they have never experienced. Here some of the famous photographers of all time who will inspire you.

1. Vivian Maier

Famous Photographers


Vivian Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009) was born in New York City, the U.S. As a renowned street photographer, she has left over 100.000 negatives which mostly shot in New York Chicago. She started put interest in photography when she worked as nanny and care-giver in 1951. Every photo which taken by Vivian were very dramatic and interesting. It perfectly captures how American life was at that time.

During her life, Vivian’s works were not published. Until finally, in 2007 her works were discovered by several collectors, namely John Maloof, Ron Slattery, and Randy Prow. In 2008, Slattery tried to upload Vivian’s works via the internet, but it did not get a pleasing response. In 2009, when Maloof tried to help the publication of Vivian’s works on Flickr, it became viral and were liked by many people. You can also check her amazing work here www.vivianmaier.com.

2. Annie Leibovitz

Famous Photographers


Born in Waterbury on October 2, 1949, Annie Leibovitz is one of famous American photographer. She is well known for her iconic and dramatic work which photographed many legendary artists and public figure, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Demi Moore, Michael Johnson, etc. One of her most famous work is the photograph of naked John Lennon and his fully clothed wife, Yoko Ono for Rolling Stone Magazine’s cover. The picture was taken just several hours before John Lennon’s death.

In 1970, Annie Leibovitz worked for Rolling Stone magazine. There, she learned and started trying to find her own style. After working for about ten years for Rolling Stone, in 1983 she moved to Vanity Fair and started from 1983 she worked for Vogue magazine.

3. Rehahn

Famous Photographers


Rehahn is a French-born famous photographer who currently lives in Vietnam. He is known for his works which always have a story behind. He is able to express emotion in each of his works so that it always turns out amazing and touching. His work is also able to bring out the unique culture and beauty of each country he visits. Some of his famous works were taken in India, Vietnam, and Cuba.

Rehahn opened the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum on January 1, 2017, which showcased the cultural diversity of the countries he had visited. Through the photos he shows, visitors can see how beautiful the differences that each region in various parts of the world has. His amazing works are loved by visitors from various countries. Visit www.rehahnphotographer.com to know more about his work.

4. Erik Almas

Famous Photographers


Erik Almas is one of famous commercial photographer from Norway, but currently, he lives in San Francisco. He has an interest in a photograph since the age of 12 and really loves to explore to hone his skills. Erik has worked for various famous international brands, such as Absolut, Pfizer, Toyota, Puma, Hyatt, Microsoft, and Ritz Carlton. In each of his works, Erik is able to bring out epic and beautiful narratives. People are favored of his works because of its uniqueness and his ability to bring up certain stories.

Erik studied at the Academy of Art University for 4 years. There, he studied various photography skills and under the guidance of inspiring lecturers he could find his own style. Erik graduated with 99 best portfolios in the Spring Show and received an Honorary Degree of Outstanding Alumnus in 2004. To know more about Erik Almas’ work, you can visit www.erikalmas.com

5. Mihaela Noroc

Famous Photographers


Born in Bucharest, Romania, Mihaela Noroc spent most of her last six years to travel different country around the world. She started put interest in photography when she was 16. She really loves travelling to find diversity in each country. She started to quit her job and become a travel photographer at 27. She then opens her own gallery, The Atlas of Beauty, that you can access from http://theatlasofbeauty.com.

The object taken by Mihaela is the women she met on her way around the world. In each of the portraits she took, Mihaela showed the beauty of women from every country she visited. As a result, her works are always able to show the beauty of culture and woman around the world. Her works are so inspiring and able to open people’s eyes to true beauty around them.

Those are five inspiring famous photographers you should know. They have dedicated their lives to capturing every memory and beauty they encounter. From them, you can learn about hard work and passion. Always believe in whatever you are trying to do. Continue to work and explore your potential. Someday, people will realize how great your works are.

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