dslr vs mirrorless

DSLR Vs Mirrorless, Which One Is Suitable for You?

DSLR vs Mirrorless, which is better? This question hits among photography enthusiast. Since the popularity of a mirrorless camera skyrocketed, many people seemed confused about their preferences. Do we still have to stick with a DSLR camera? Or, mirrorless may better meet our needs? So, to answer this “dilemma”, we will explain to you about mirrorless vs DSLR pros and cons, and some other essential points.

1. Based on size and weight

dslr vs mirrorless


When discussing mirrorless vs DSLR camera, size and weight factors are the most prominent things of both. At the beginning of its appearance, mirrorless cameras come with a much slimmer size and weight than DSLR. That factor certainly becomes the main selling potential of this camera type.

But over time, the size of high-end mirrorless began to expand. On the other hand, even though the mirrorless camera body is lighter, there are times when you need to use a large lens too. So, in the end, the weight of a mirrorless camera will continue to increase.

2. Based on Autofocus

dslr vs mirrorless


DSLR vs mirrorless autofocus, which one is better? In the past, if we discussed this topic, DSLR was the winner. But now, it is not entirely valid. That’s because DSLR autofocus is not too accurate when using live view mode. On the contrary, this does not apply to mirrorless.

A mirrorless camera is designed specifically to be reliable in terms of autofocus. On top of that, the latest mirrorless cameras have been provided with a combination of contrast AF and phase detection systems. The system makes mirrorless not only fast but also can lock focus accurately.

3. Based on Image Quality

dslr vs mirrorless


Based on image quality, DSLR vs mirrorless offer the same thing. In a DSLR camera, you can find APS-C or Full Frame sensors that apply the latest technology. While for mirrorless, this type of camera can also use the same sensor.

Whether it’s Full Frame or APS-C, both can be applied to mirrorless as well. So, if you talk about mirrorless camera vs DSLR image quality, it will be hard to find out who the winner is.


4. Based on Video Quality

dslr vs mirrorless


In terms of video quality, DSLR vs mirrorless, which is the winner? Lately, the mirrorless camera has experienced rapid improvement in terms of video quality. If in the past DSLR was the mainstay camera in making videos, mirrorless now starts to overtake it.

4K video resolution, for example, has become a general standard on mirrorless cameras. Also, the contrast AF on mirrorless is getting better and better. Meanwhile, a DSLR camera is still in its comfort zone, carries Full HD.

5. Based on Continuous Shot

dslr vs mirrorless


When comparing DSLR to mirrorless, we need to address the continuous shot of both. So, DSLR vs mirrorless, which one has the best speed burst mode? At this point, mirrorless is more superior to DSLR cameras.

As the name suggests, without a mirror, mirrorless is more mobile because it has fewer parts. Some mirrorless even has speed burst mode up to 60fps. This feature is needed when we take pictures of moving objects and widely used in the sports field.

6. Based on Battery Life

dslr vs mirrorless


Battery life is an important thing when discussing mirrorless vs DSLR for beginners.  As for a DSLR camera, the average battery can last between 600-800 shots. However, the more sophisticated series has an average battery life up to 1000 shots.

While for mirrorless cameras, the average battery can last up to 300-400 shots. In other words, DSLR is better than mirrorless at this point. So, if you decide to buy a mirrorless, always provide a spare battery.

7. Based on Lens

dslr vs mirrorless


What about DSLR vs mirrorless in terms of lens choice? So far, the diaphragm and focal length options for a DSLR camera are more diverse than mirrorless. However, if you look at mirrorless improvements that are so rapid, surely the lens variations for this camera will be as many as DSLR.

In other words, if you want to have a large selection of lenses, using a DSLR is the most appropriate option for now. Also, on the DSLR, you can find lenses from third-party brands, such as Sigma or Tamron. Even so, mirrorless is also still possible to use DSLR lenses, with the help of adapters.

8. Based on Features

dslr vs mirrorless


At this point, it seems difficult to determine who the winner is in the DSLR vs mirrorless case. That is because both now offer a sophisticated and neat control manual.

In the past, a DSLR camera was superior to mirrorless in this aspect. However, with the growth of technology, mirrorless started to offset the DSLR’s control and photography features.

Final Thoughts

DSLR vs mirrorless, which should you choose? We conclude that mirrorless is more suitable for those of you who are likely to videography. That is because the videos produced from mirrorless are more accurate, faster, and high definition.

Unfortunately, mirrorless is weak on the lens features. Instead, a DSLR camera will give you better and sharper image details. Moreover, DSLR can still capture good image quality, whether it’s in bright or dim light conditions.

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