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9 Best Drones with Camera You Should Buy in 2019

Drones are great technology with many functions, such as shooting videos or creating 3D Maps. Moreover, it can be easily controlled by remote from far away, so it becomes a great invention for filmmakers. If you want to buy a new drone, here is the list of best drones with camera that you should buy in 2019.

1. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

drones with camera


This might be one of the best drones with camera and video in the market. It can be easily folded and put in your bag. Moreover, it also features with hyper-lapse which can capture an object in motion, then process it on-board. It has powerful motors and quite propellers, so it can be moved at high maximum speed without interfering the video taking process. Thanks to its 24-48mm elf zoom lens, you can easily add cinematic effects as well.


2. DJI Spark

drones with camera


If you’re searching for drones with camera 1080p, DJI Spark is a great price-value drone that you should consider. It is equipped with a responsive gesture recognition, which can be used to control your drone by using simple gestures. It only weighs 300 grams and foldable as well, so you can easily carry it in your bag.


3. Parrot Anafi

drones with camera


The next one in this list is drones with camera and GPS. Because of its light and foldable features, it is highly portable. Parrot is also equipped with automatic take-off, landing, and GPS-based return to the home system, which make it easier for novice to handle it.  Furthermore, this drone also features with gimbal and zoom system, which is rare for drones with its price range.


4. Ryze Tello

drones with camera


If you are tight on budget, Ryze Tello might be one of the best drones with camera under 1000. Even though it doesn’t feature with GPS or foldable features, it produces a good quality image which can be recorded directly to your phone. Moreover, it only weighs 80 grams, which might be one of the lightest drones in the market. Ryze Tello is also equipped with propeller guards, so you can safely fly the drone indoors without worrying about unwanted damage.


5. Skydio R1

drones with camera


You can also choose Skydio R1, the smartest device in this list of drones with camera.  It has a stylish blue rim design with alloy metal material, which provides great durability. Thanks to its built-in 4K camera mounted on 2-axis gimbal, Skydio R1 also gives valuable cinematic experience to the user. For the performance, R1 is equipped with a powerful processor and capable of delivering high-quality videos and images.

Furthermore, Skydio R1 is also built with supercomputer AI with the ability to map out objects, environmental projection, automatic takeoff or landing, hands-free activity, intelligent flight modes, and smart return to home function. This drone will be a great choice if you want to shoot photos while doing extreme sports, climbing, biking, or even solo trips.


6. PowerVision PowerEye

drones with camera


For the filmmaker, PowerVision PowerEye will be the best choice in this list of drones with camera. It features with Dual Viewing for first-person view and subject matter view. Furthermore, it also has thermal imaging to detect heat instead of light, which make it the perfect drone for rescue operations, detecting heat leaks in industry, or simply artistic purpose.

To prevent damage or crash, PowerVision is also equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors. This feature can warn you when the drone gets within 10 meters of an object. It is also available with two camera options, that is 4K UHD camera or dual camera system.


7. Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

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In this list of best drones with camera in 2019, Yuneec might be the best choice for a professional photographer. It features with big six-rotor S and 3-axis gimbal to provide stabilization. Thanks to the 20 MP camera, it can also record videos in 4K resolution at 60 fps. It also has retractable landing gear which enables the drone to capture 360o view.


8. Holy Stone HS170C

drones with camera


For the entry-level option in this list of best drones with camera, there is HS170C. Because of its 2MP HD video camera, it can take 1280 x 720 resolution images at 30 fps. Moreover, this drone is also easy to fly because it is equipped with 6-axis gyro stabilized system and headless mode feature.


9. DJI Phantom 4

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To close this list of best drones with camera in 2019, there is DJI Phantom 4. It features with Vision Positioning System to provide a reliable and safe flight for both indoors or outdoors. It also has good battery life and fast recharge time. There are also multiple flying modes, such as point of interest, return to home, ground station, follow me, and more.

There is a various selection of drones with camera, so it will be hard to choose the best one for you. The better specification drone might come with higher price tags and vice versa. Choose the best drone based on your preferences and budget!

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