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Teach Your Children Photography with These Digital Camera for Kids

Kids are full of potentials, and as the parents, you must support their talents. If you think your kids love photography, why don’t give them a decent camera so that they can learn to take excellent pictures and keep the best memories in their life with the best camera for child photography?

But, the camera for kids must be user-friendly and easy to operate than those for adults. That is why you need specific cameras that suit your kids well and can deliver an excellent picture for them. The best digital camera for kids has useful features with simple buttons and settings.

There are a lot of choices for the best digital camera for kids that they can use to learn photography and have fun capturing moments. Let’s take a look to find the best present for your favorite photographer wanna-be!.

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0

digital camera for kids

The exciting side of this camera is not only its adorable and colorful design, but also its function. The camera can also serve as a camcorder and a voice recorder. So, with only one device, you can teach your kids how to capture and record a great moment.

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 is powered with the 2 MP front-camera and featured 4 times digital zoom. After taking pictures, children can add some beautiful frame and decoration to make the photos look cuter for them.

To get this camera, you only need to pay about USD 49. It is quite affordable.

Kurio Snap

digital camera for kids

Children are small people, and it’s not wise to give them big cameras, particularly when they are still beginning to learn photography. So, yes, size matters. But worry not. You can give them ultimate simplicity with the portable Kurio Snap, a futuristic and straightforward camera that even Ethan Hunt will be craving for.

Kurio Snap comes in a simple and thin rectangular shape with an interactive touchscreen LED that is easy to operate. It also features many stamps, sticker, as well as frames to decorate pictures. Children can also take video and record the voice with this pocket camera, and then send it directly to the notebook or other devices through wifi.

Get this camera for about USS 78. Not too expensive for a portable and minimalist pocket camera, right?

Nikon Coolpix W100

digital camera for kids

Children love the holiday, and it’s always a good idea to bring a camera with a sweet and lovely design. Nikon Coolpix comes with the colorful marine theme that suits children’s summer holiday.

The camera comes in four color choices: blue, pink, yellow, and white.

The camera is supported with editing features that allow your children to get creative. Children can add some stickers and beautify their pictures, and even cartoonize them.

The price of this camera is about USD 800. It’s so worth to buy, right?


digital camera for kids

No child can resist LEGO. The toy is not only educative but also supports children to explore their creativity. LEGO has featured many useful things in children’s daily life from the bag, picture frame, watch, and now, a camera.

The digital camera from LEGO is supported with an LED touchscreen framed in various colors of LEGO. It looks like a toy, except that it’s powered with built-in-flash and 3 MP camera.

To transfer the file, you can simply connect the camera to the computer or other devices such as smartphone and tablet using the available USB slot. How much should you pay for this unique digital camera for kids? About USD 800.


digital camera for kids

If your kids are ten years old or above, why don’t you give them a more serious digital camera? Drograce is an action camera that features 1080p HD quality. It means that the picture taken by this camera is excellent and more than decent for any online platform such as Youtube.

The camera also features 1.77-inch touchscreen LCD, micro SD 32 GB, tripod, and hand strap. So, if your kids want to take some serious video or picture shot, this is the best camera you can gift them. Not to mention that Drograce can take the video and photo under water.

This camera only costs around USD 36, and you can also pick your favorite and eye-catching color.

So, which one you think is the best digital camera for kids? Before you choose the right one, understand the need and the skill of your children. Give them the camera that suits their age so that they can optimize all the features and have fun using the camera. And don’t forget to think about these:

  • Make sure that your children are really into photography
  • Keep the camera with you when they don’t use it for safekeeping
  • Understand your kids’ needs

Enjoy recording the best moment with your beloved ones with the best digital camera for kids!

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