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7 Tips to Create High-Quality Product Images with Commercial Photography

A commercial photographer should be able to showcase his skills in producing high-quality product images. If you want to be a commercial photographer, you need to have countless high-quality images collection. This collection will be your biggest assets in attracting prospective clients to hire you.

If you are still new in commercial photography, you need to learn, practice, and improve your skills in capturing good photos. Here are 7 easy tips for creating high-quality product pictures.

1. Invest in Good Quality Camera and Other Product Photography Equipment

commercial photography

If you are into commercial photography, you need to have a good quality camera and other product photography equipment. A good quality camera will enable you to take different types of great photos. A good quality camera also has several countless features that can take many pictures from different angles or distance.

Some features are needed for changing the focus of the background, zooming, and shooting the product from a distance. Your commercial photography skill will be much better if you are fully completed with other supporting devices such as different types of camera lenses and a tripod.

2. Take from Different Angles

commercial photography

Your photography skill can be seen in your photos. Therefore, to create the best high-quality pictures, you need to have alternate views from your product photos. Take the product pictures from all angles until you find the best one that you like most. If you showcase your product photos to your clients, make sure your photos give a good impression to the purpose of the product images want to show.

3. Capture the Product Details by Using a ‘Macro’ Setting

commercial photography

If you want to shoot the products, whatever the products are, you need to capture the details of the products. These details can be easily captured if you use a macro setting. This type of setting will capture the fine details that the products want to show.

A macro setting from the macro lens has a zoom feature which can zoom in or close up in the finely detailed parts of the products. In result, the customers can see better the products they are going to buy or use.

4. Choose the Perfect Background

commercial photography

Another tips you need to try is working on the background. Choosing the perfect background from the products you are going to choose is highly essential. It is highly suggested to use bokeh or white backgrounds. Bokeh background will create cool effects on the products and the background.

Another recommended background is a white background. The white background will give the vibe that the product appearance will last for good. A white background will enable you to edit and remove the white background with other beautiful backgrounds. Still, all-white space background fits well for standard product photos.

5. Adjust the Light Setting

commercial photography

Lighting is very important to produce high-quality product images in commercial photography. You can work on the light setting and adjust the lights based on how do you want to produce from the commercial product you shoot. You can have the light setting from the soft to the hard light setting. When there is more light surrounds the product, you can choose the soft light.

On the other hands, it is advisable to use hard light because of the lack of light surface. If you want to shoot a spotlight on a product, you can put the distance to the light and combine it with closer light. The product will give a harder light look effect.

6. Create Different Colors and Varieties from a Photo

commercial photography

Another commercial photography tips you may apply is creating different colors and varieties from a photo you shoot. You will never know what kind of best pictures you may take. It is advisable if you create a photo with different colors and variations.

The purpose is your client is willingly to see what their products look like in different colors and varieties. You can also offer your clients a series of optional photos to choose to fit what they want from the commercial product pictures.

7. Edit and Retouch

commercial photography

Last tips to try is editing and retouching the images you capture. This could be the last step to produce the product photos your clients want. Use some types of image editing software like Corel AfterShot Pro3, DxO Photo Lab Elite, Photoshop, or Serif Affinity Photo. They are some recommended types of editing software for commercial photography or other types of photography.

The purpose of using the software is to add the effects, enhance the color, or crop the background from a photo. After a series of editing and retouching, you are able to showcase your skill in capturing commercial product photos.

In conclusion, these 7 tips will help you to improve your skills in commercial photography. Practice these tips, and you will be able to showcase your high-quality commercial product images to prospective customers.

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