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11 Recommended Cheap Digital Cameras Below $100

Digital camera technology has reached an amazing level, giving you high-quality shots even with low-budget products. Many cheap digital cameras fall just under $100 but give a satisfying performance. Use them as gifts for kids, your first “real” cameras, or backups during work trips and travels.

Here are recommended digital cameras that will not break your wallet.

1. Sony DSCW 800

cheap digital cameras

Sony DSCW offers a wide range of affordable cameras. The Sony DSCW 800 offers various good features in its compact design. It offers 20.1 MP images and 5X optical zoom. The SteadyShot feature reduces blurring, a common problem among low-cost digital cameras. It provides a 360-degree Panorama mode, which gives more freedom in taking a wide image. Other features include a 720p video recorder, easy screen interface, and a USB port for charging.

Price: $88

2. AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K

cheap digital cameras

Akaso EK7000 is a perfect digital product for action and underwater photography. It can take 12 MP images at 30 frames/second. The image quality is clear, capturing many small details regular cheap cameras may miss. AKASO EK7000 comes in a waterproof casing, which allows you to take it to 13-feet of depth. The video recorder captures 4K images, and it can be attached with special fixtures to a helmet or bike. Wi-Fi and HDMI port are available.

Price: $74.99

3. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

cheap digital cameras

Instant cameras still have widespread appeal as a nostalgic product. Many of them are upgraded for modern users. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 is a digital instant camera with limited features. However, its ability to create quick photos give a nostalgic appeal. The camera has two-focus lens zones, optical viewfinder, and options for just two effects (high and low keys). The picture size is 62 x 99 mm.

Price: $94.79

4. Nikon Coolpix A10

cheap digital cameras

The Coolpix series of Nikon offer cheap digital cameras with decent features. Nikon Coolpix A10 offers 5X optical zoom, 16.1 MP images, and 720p video recorder. You can use lithium, alkaline, and Nikon rechargeable batteries, making it convenient for traveling. It also has an image stabilizer feature, reducing the risk of blurry images. Nikon Coolpix A10 weighs 5.7 ounces; lightweight, but not as light as other cheap cameras with similar features.

Price: $82.75

5. Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43-RD

cheap digital cameras

Kodak PIXPRO FZ43-RD is a good beginner camera with under $100 price tag. This camera offers decent features for its price, such as 4X optical zoom lens, 720p video recorder, and simple interface.  The images have 16 MP quality, with decent details and colors, although not an ideal option for night photography. The lens has 27 mm width, perfect to take a wide-angle picture. This camera relies on AA batteries for function.

Price: $68.99

6. Lyyes 2.7 Mini Camera

cheap digital cameras

True to its name, Lyyes 2.7 Mini Camera offers the convenience of affordable digital cameras, but with less detailed features. Designed as a light backup camera, Lyyes 2.7 only has basic features such as 18 MP images, 2.7-inch LCD screen size, and stabilizer function. It also has several flash options, from automatic to red eye reduction. White balance and face detection features are available to create stable images.

Price: $37.99

7. AbergBest 21 MP 2.7 Mini Camera

cheap digital cameras

AbergBest 21 MP 2.7 Mini Camera offers decent features for a cheap camera. You can give it to kids or use it in a casual event (when you don’t feel like taking your expensive camera). AbergBest creates 21 MP images or 720p videos. It only has 1X optical zoom, but it has additional features such as playback function, image stabilizer, face detection, timer, and continuous shoot. AbergBest also has compact shape, perfect for kid’s grip.

Price: $40.99

8. Heegomn Digital Waterproof Camera

cheap digital cameras

Heegomn is a digital camera option for a lightweight adventurer. You can take it to 3 meters of depth or use it during light rain. The camera offers decent features with its price tags, such as 4X optical zoom, 21 MP image quality, and 720p videos. It also offers several modes, such as Auto, Sport, and Portrait. Heegomn also has a night vision feature. The design is compact but stylish, with durable material and 32 GB memory capacity.

Price: $34.99

9. Nikon Coolpix A100

cheap digital cameras

Nikon Coolpix A100 is a thin, stylish digital camera, with just 3 inches of thickness. The camera has decent standard features, with 5X optical zoom, 20.1 MP images, and 10X Dynamic Fine zoom. Nikon Coolpix also offers 720p video recorder and an image stabilizer for high-quality images.

Price: $95.49

10. Bonna 21 MP 2

cheap digital cameras

Bonna is a cheap digital camera suitable for kids. It has standard features like face detection, smile capture, and image stabilizer. The images have 21 MP resolution, and there is a 720p video recorder. The camera is ideal to share images through emails, social media, and instant message.

Price: $31

11. Vmotal 12 MP

cheap digital cameras

Vmotal is a thin, compact camera suitable for kids, beginner adults, and seniors. The 3-inch LCD screen makes it easier to look at. Image stabilizer reduces bad pictures caused by small shakes of hands. The image pixel is 12 MP.

Price: $43.79

These cheap digital cameras offer convenient standard features for their prices. Start from this list if you are looking for cameras with under $100 numbers in their price tags.

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