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Average Price List for Canon PowerShot Cameras 2019

Looking for high-quality point-and-shoot cameras for 2019? Canon PowerShot provides an extensive product range for beginners and experts. Released first in 1996, the PowerShot series have been quickly developing into Canon’s most popular line. The image stabilizer quality and high-speed focus make this camera perfect companion for all projects.

Canon PowerShot Products to Consider

canon powershot

PowerShot products consist of entry level (A Series), pocket cameras (ELPH), high-end expert cameras (G Series), long zoom lens cameras (SX Series), and even waterproof products (D Series). Customers in 2019 can expect to find new cameras that range from 2014 to 2018 products.

If you plan to buy the best Canon PowerShot camera this year, consider the standard price list for popular products. Beginner users may start from slightly older products with basic specifications. Experts should splurge for high-end cameras with newer features, usually released between 2015 and 2018.

Canon PowerShot Price List for Popular Products

Here is the price list for several popular PowerShot cameras, starting from products introduced in 2014.

1. Canon PowerShot SX60 (2014)

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Canon SX60 is the upgrade of the SX50 version that was released in 2012. The new one boasts a new design that improves gripping, with a design similar to DSLR series. It is perfect for those who use a lot of zooming, thanks to 65x fixed zoom lens and 16.10 MP images. It also has Zoom Framing Assist, which retains zoom setting while you are finding the best position to take a picture.

Prices: $449 (basic) and $457.38 (with 32 GB memory card)

2. Canon PowerShot G3X (2015)

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The G3X is a compact Canon PowerShot camera with high telephoto ability. The camera has a sleek design that fits in a small bag, but it provides a comfortable grip. The camera produces 20.20 MP images, with 1080p videos and built-in mic jack. The autofocus speed is slightly lower than competitors’ such as Sony RX10. However, it has a powerful lens with a dustproof rubber layer to take detailed outdoor images.

Price: $849

3. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II (2016)

canon powershot

Canon G7X Mark II is a premium camera that looks like a sleek, compact product. The design has a smaller front grip than its predecessor, rubberized for better hold. The camera offers 4.2x optical zoom, 20.1 MP sensor, and DIGIC 7 processor. The processor is an improvement from its predecessor, which allows the camera to create better images in a continuous shot. G7X also has a panning feature, which creates stable photos from moving objects.

Prices: $649 (basic), $661.74 (with memory card), $691.99 (with battery pack)

4. Canon PowerShot SX730 HS (2017)

canon powershot

This PowerShot camera is more suitable for beginner or casual photographers. The SX730 is the continuation of Canon’s first pocket superzoom camera. The compact size hides 40x optical zoom lens and 20.3 MP image quality. The camera slows down to 2.3 fps when used to take low-light continuous shots. In regular day light, the continuous shot speed is 5.9 fps. There are several unique effects, such as Toy Camera, Miniature, and Monochrome.

Price: $379

5. Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II (2017)

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Canon G9X Mark II is one of the current pocket cameras with a handful of good features. It is slim and has a fixed display of a 3-inch LED screen. It offers 20.20 MP images, DIGIC 7 processor, and several ranges of flash setting. It has a wide range of shooting modes and quick autofocus, making it a perfect supporting camera for DSLR users. However, it does not have a viewfinder or tilting display, making positioning difficult.

Price: $429

6. Canon PowerShot SX740 HS (2018)

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This pocket Canon PowerShot camera is the upgrade of the 2017 model. The features are similar, with 20.3 MP image quality, 4K videos, and 40x optical zoom lens. However, there are several improvements, such as longer battery life, stronger image stabilizer, and faster burst mode speed. It allows users to capture moving objects in clearer details. The XS740 has a silver version too, but it has tan front grip instead of white like the older model.

Price: $399

7. Canon PowerShot SX70 HS (2018)

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This new Canon PowerShot camera offers several improvements from SX60 series. It boasts 20.3 MP images, 65x optical zoom lens, and the latest image processor technology (DIGIC 8). The camera also has improved burst performance, with a 5.7 fps continuous shot and 10 fps single-shot autofocus. The camera also plays 4K videos, although the 3-inch LED screen does not have touch capability. The smaller battery affects the use time.

Price: $549

These cameras are among the most current from the PowerShot lines. The older models may be available as used products, which are perfect for beginner users. Many of them are also sold as a bundle, with other products such as additional memory card, tripod, bag, and battery.

Canon PowerShot provides everyone with the ability to take quick shots without ruining the images. It also has affordable prices compared to higher-end models for professional photographers. Nevertheless, the quality and features are enough to produce good photos with various projects, especially if smartphones are not enough.

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