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5 Best Video Camera for Broadcasting Material

As a videographer, it’s necessary to find the best video camera you will work with. No matter how talented you are, the end result of the video you make highly depends on the quality of the camera.   So, it’s crucial to work with a camera of good quality, particularly if you make videos for clients and get paid for it. Surely, you want to present the best!

If you have the budget and aspire to become a professional video maker, certainly you need to know the best video camera that stands out among others. Let’s take a look at this fantastic best HD video camera:

Canon XF200/XF205

best video camera

Many people have been waiting for this high-anticipated Canon’s professional camcorder. The Canon XF200/XF 205 can record picture in the MXF format—a format commonly used for professional works, such as advertisements, official documentation, and broadcast news. The video with MXF format  is what you normally see on TV and look really good when uploaded on Youtube with HD or 4k quality.

Completed with WiFi connection and LAN Cable ethernet, it is easy to transfer pictures from this Canon XF200/205 to the computer. So, it’s more efficient to send the pictures to the editors. For the broadcast companies where the deadline is always tight, using this device can cut the time, and they can broadcast the news in no time.

The budget you need to buy the camera is about USD 2,225, and for the professional companies, the camera is worth to buy. And actually, the price is not too high for all the features and quality it has to offer.

Sony HXR-NX100

best video camera

The low lighting or nighttime is a common challenge for all professional camera persons. Worry no more! Sony HXR-NX100 offers a brilliant solution as the camera is powered with the back-illuminated sensor that can make it performs so well even in the low-light area.

In addition to the CMOS back-illuminated sensor, Sony HXR-NX100 also comes with the capability to record pictures up to 1920 x 1080, which is a compatible resolution for TV display and look excellent when uploaded on Youtube.

Get this fantastic professional camcorder starting from USD 1,649. Affordable price for a great product!

Panasonic AG-DVX 200 4K

best video camera

Panasonic AG-DVX 200 4K comes with the handheld concept to make it easy to take pictures in any condition. It also features optical zoom up to 13x range, so that you can take photos with great resolution and sharp visibility from a distance.

That is why this professional camcorder is also the best video camera for the journalist. They can use this handheld camera easily among the crowd to take the doorstep pictures.

With Panasonic AG-DVX 200 4K, you can also control the focus, exposure, and other elements manually. You can get the camera for USD 3,495.

Sony PMW-300

best video camera

Stability is a major factor in taking video. For this matter, a tripod can help, but you cannot always bring the tripod everywhere, particularly if you shoot the picture in the crowded area. Thankfully, now we have Sony PMW-300 that can be functioned as a shoulder mounting camera as well as a handheld camera.

The camera also features the full HD CMOS sensor so that you can get great pictures even though you are in the low light environtment such as inside the room or in the night time.

There is also a remote control that allows you to operate the camera from a distance. And for all of these great features, you can get this multifunctional camera for about USD 7,900.

Panasonic AG-HPX 250

best video camera

This is one of the best cameras for a professional camera operator. Panasonic AG -HPX features the sensor that let you take good pictures in the low light environment. It also gives you a high quality video that is suitable for broadcasting purposes.

Since it has many features that can support the broadcasting video production, no wonder that the camera is priced ferociously high. And yet, it’s one of the best cameras for those who work in the broadcasting business .

You can get this Panasonic AG-HPX 250 for about USD 6,895. For individuals, it looks overpriced, right? But it is worth it for the broadcasting company.

Those are some of the best video cameras for professional works. They will deliver you a high-definition picture with amazing qualities. But, before deciding to buy one of those cameras, you must consider these things:

  • Do you work in a broadcasting company or as an individual (such as Youtuber, etc.)?. Consider carefully before buying, some cameras above are too overpriced and bulky for individual use.
  • Understand your budget.
  • A good camera will deliver a good picture, but you need to know that excellent skill is also required.
  • Understand your needs

Ready to record the best moment and share it with other people with the professional and best video camera?

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