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5 Best Small Camera to Deliver Amazing Photography Techniques

When talking about photography, not everyone wants to have a big and bulky camera with complicated equipment. They might need it for a professional photo shoot, but what if you only need the camera for the holiday or semi-formal photoshoot? Your best choice would be a small, portable camera. Keep reading to find the best small camera to buy!.

A small camera doesn’t mean less power and feature. In fact, a number of choices for small cameras suit good photography skills and also produce a high-quality picture. This tiny camera can also support the data transfer so that you can directly process your photo to other gadgets once you take it.

If you are a little bit confused on what kind of camera that might suit you best, here are some best small cameras that will be a good choice in any condition, including being the best compact camera for travel:

1. Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II

best small camera

When the camera is in your hand, you will realize how compact it is. The camera comes in a classy black color. Either woman or man will love this camera.

Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II also features 24-100 mm lens, CMOS sensor, and even 20.1 MP camera quality. The JPEG output of this camera is quite satisfying, and that is the reason why many photographers pick this camera.

Unfortunately, there is no option for producing a 4k video. So, the camera suits you who want to have a good picture, but don’t need to take some good videos.

2. Fujifilm X100F

best small camera

Looking for a gorgeous and stylish camera? Why don’t you try Fujifilm X100F? The camera has an exquisite look and proper handling. It also features the fixed 35 mm lens and even processor pro engine.

To deliver an outstanding result, the camera is also powered with an APS-C sensor and 24.3 MP lens quality. Fujifilm X100F can also support the video quality up to 1080p.

This camera is made for the expert users aiming for the excellent result in photography and is already understand how to operate the complicated camera buttons.

3. Leica Q

best small camera

The camera is made for expert photographers with quite an extensive budget. Just like other Leica’s camera, this classic and high-fashioned camera is priced high compared to the other cameras in the same class.

More cons are, Leica Q doesn’t support the video recording. So, if you want to have a multifunction camera, you may choose other cameras rather than this one. But, if you want a camera that provides you with a high-quality picture for a professional photoshoot, and when the budget is not an issue for you, then, this is the best small camera that you deserve.

Get the Leica Q for USD 4,000, or you can look for the promo to get some discount.

4. Ricoh GR II

best small camera

Ricoh GR II might not be the camera that the experts want, but not all camera users are the professional photographer. Ricoh GR II is designed for the photographer enthusiasts who are on their way to be a professional photographer.

Ricoh GR II features a sharp lens, 16.2 MP camera, and 4fs continuous shooting speed. This is simply an excellent choice for street photography, landscape, or close-up ones.

The design is quite universal and also simple. So, it can suit whatever your style is. And other good news is, the price is not too high. You can get it for USD 495.

5. Sony RX100 VI

best small camera

The look of Sony RX100 VI is not that appealing for some people. The design is quite dull and flat coated in black color. But the camera is primarily a tool to snap the moment, and you can count on this camera to do that.

Sony RX100 VI features an 8.3x zoom range that allows you to capture the moment from a distance. The camera can also shoot at 24 fps burst shooting so that you will get a high-quality picture even in a low light environment.

Besides its dull appearance, the cons of this camera are the high price. The camera is priced at USD 748, but it is worth it to buy for those who intend to capture excellent images.

Have you picked which best small camera that suits you?  Remember these things before you buy the camera:

  • Your budget matters
  • Understanding your need and your level
  • The small camera is made for those who want to hunt pictures more than just a selfie. If what you like to do with the camera is just selfie, then you’d better use the smartphone.

So, are you ready to capture the best moment with excellent photography techniques using the best small camera?

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