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How do you get started?

1. First, bookmark this website.


2. Then you need to sign up as our affiliate. For that process, just visit our merchants website. It’s really easy and takes about 2 minutes.



3. To generate an affiliate link for this website, click on this link below and add in YOUR Clickbank "Account nickname" in the first box. Clickbank Hoplink Creator


If you wish to read more about Clickbank hoplinks then visit Clickbank's site at this link below: http://www.clickbank.com/help/affiliate-help/affiliate-basics/all-about-hoplinks/


4. Click on the created url (hoplink) once you've done the above, to make sure it goes to our sales page. And then you are done.

Note: Once you have your "hoplink", store it in a very safe place, like an excel spreadsheet. Then purchase the above products to move you from one income bracket to a higher level.

Promotional Tools For You...

1. Demographics and Customer Profile:


2. Digital Photography Success Keyword Report:


3. Huge Keyword Compilation List:


4. Sample Copies of the Ebooks:
Digital Photography Success part 1
Digital Photography Success part 2
Advanced Digital Photography


Ebook covers to use on your site:

Ebook Covers

5. Two sample copies of the Focus ezine:
Focus Ezine Issue 1
Focus Ezine Issue 2

Focus ezine covers to use on your site:

Focus Ezine Covers


6. Banners:

banners to use

7. Videos:


8. My Facebook pages:

9. Twitter:


10. My blogging website:



New To Internet Marketing?

If you don’t have much traffic and you don’t really understand affiliate marketing or internet marketing, but like the idea, I am in the fortunate position to be able to recommend some amazing resources. In fact even if you have been doing internet marketing for a while, you will absolutely love them!

It’s better if you take up these resources if you are new to internet marketing. We’ve been behind the scenes improving our products at Digital Photography Success, ramping-up the products and preparing for bigger and better things for our customers.

Great Stuff To Help:

And now I’m going to give you the latest resources for tackling the world of online marketing so that you can make sales quickly and easily…

1. “Drive Target Traffic To This Website Quickly & Easily”:

Maximise The Power of Blogging

1.   2.  If you've ever wanted a true paint-by-numbers system that leverages free-to-use web properties across the Internet, creating powerful money-sucking profit streams for you…”


Now The Best Thing!

If you have a photography website with a lot of visitors, we are very happy to create a special offer for your customers. We can give your customers the eBook package for free, with each sign up. We’ve had incredible results from this, so please contact us about it.

Remember this is a recurring product. The more people that sign up, the more money you make. Every month.


Here Are Some Honest Answers About Being An Affiliate:

"Will you give personal service to the customers I send to you?"

Yes! Absolutely. We are sticklers for customer service and want to help as many people as we can. We answer all customers’ emails personally, that includes help with their shots and advice they ask for. No robots here.

"I am new to internet marketing, can you teach me?"

We would love to teach you, but we are simply strapped for time. That's why we've recommended these powerful information tools to you, so you can be taught by some of the leading masters in the business. We want you to succeed, which helps us too, so please purchase these tools and watch the magic happen. If you want to know more simply go to:

"I have a list of people I want to promote to; can you provide articles for me personally?"

Yes! Absolutely I can! I can give you a new article every two weeks. And don’t forget to signup to You Tube to be notified when a new video has been done.

"Can you give me your ebooks to review on my site?"

Due to company policy, we don't give our ebooks away. However, we would be happy to give you a couple of copies of the ezine to have a look at so you can see what we are giving to your customers. The condition is that these must not be resold, they are for you only.

"I want to interview you for a podcast/audio broadcast."

We are pleased to help you market your site and our product via an interview. Contact me for my Skype name, or sign up with Google +1. (Amy R). The webcam chats on Google won’t cost us a cent and its fun.

"I have other promotional ideas; can I contact you about them?"

Yes of course you can! We are delighted to explore all positive and potentially beneficial options.

“Are there any other ways I can contact you?”

I am so contactable it’s ridiculous! Here is a list of contact options:

1. Email click here

2. Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Digital-Photography-Success/164111676984465

3. Google +1 “Amy R”

4. Skype click here to email me and I’ll let you know what my Skype name is so we can link up.

5. Blog www.DigitalPhotographySecrets.com or www.digitalphotography.wordpress.com

P.S We’re based in Australia and may have a different time zone to yours. To schedule a meeting over Skype or Google + 1 email me first so we can arrange it.

Thank you so much and we heartily welcome you aboard!



Amy Renfrey & Paul Roberts
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