Clickbank Recurring Billing Terms 




Focus eMagazine 12 monthly Subscription:


After your initial purchase ($15.00) of the Focus eMagazine, then you will be charged $15.00 US per month for 11 months.


The payment of $15.00 US will automatically be charged to your credit/debit card or Paypal account each month on exactly the same day each month.


Cancellation of the Subscription:


You can cancel your recurring billing payments at any time during the rebill schedule. By simply emailing us.


Note though, cancelling a recurring billing product does not generate a refund.


Here is a step by step process of how the Clickbank Billing System works for you:


This section describes "normal timing," "unavailable date timing," and "payment failure process" timing for monthly billing.

a. Normal Timing

The following is an example of normal payment timing:

The recurring terms are:

  • $15.00 US for the eBook package and first month issue ($0.00)

  • $15.00 US a month for 11 months

Say you sign up on May 1, then you are billed as follows:


  • May 1 = $15.00 US

  • June 1 = $15.00 US

  • July 1 = $15.00 US

  • ...and so on through April 1 of the following year

b. Unavailable Date Timing


If you have a recurring billing payment scheduled for a day that does not occur in a given month (e.g. the 30th does not occur in February), the bill will occur on the last available day of the month.

Thereafter, the payment will occur on the newly established day of the month (see example below).

The following is an example of unavailable date timing:


The recurring terms are:


  • $15.00 US per month, for 11 months, billed on the 30th

Say you sign up on Jan. 30, then you are billed as follows:



  • Jan. 30 = $15.00 US

  • Feb. 28 = $15.00 US

  • Mar. 28 = $15.00 US

  • ...and so on through Dec. 28 of the same year

c. Payment Failure Timing


Unlike many of Clickbank's competitors, they don't give up after one payment failure. ClickBank understands that scheduled payments may fail for several reasons, including insufficient funds, so they have optimized their recurring billing process to reduce authorization declines.


The following is an example of payment failure timing due to an authorization failure:

  • June 1 = 1st attempt, failed due to insufficient funds

  • June 4 = 2nd attempt, failed due to insufficient funds

  • June 8 = 3rd attempt, failed due to insufficient funds (notification sent to the customer and publisher)

  • June 15 = 4th attempt, if failed instalment automatically cancelled (notification sent to the customer and publisher)

If you have further questions please just email us.


Thanks again for purchasing the "Focus" ezine subscription.


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